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Really enjoy the mix of colors and creativity. Great job!

Apartment Therapy DC | East #60: R&R Ranch's Reaction to Builder's Beige
10/27/08 07:22 AM

Well, it's definitely over the top and too much going on for me, plus too much pink but it's creative and it's clear how much work and love went into it. Good job reflecting who you are. Not for me but I can appreciate it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #24: Christine's Colorful Budget Cottage
10/22/08 05:41 AM

Funky, psychedelic, and definitely you. I think it's a bit over the top for most but it's very cool and interesting. You are a free spirit and it shows. Far out...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #14: Jayne's Technicolor Playhouse
10/22/08 05:35 AM

I have always loved color and have a scrapbook full of ideas for using different colors without making my space look too "over the top" or weird. This house has given me many good ideas and just the right push I needed to move forward and take some risks. I really like the use of bold colors and lighting to accentuate the color schemes. Looks warm and happy without being too sterile as some homes strike me. Thanks for the inspiration! Can I put you on speed dial??

Apartment Therapy DC | East #60: RR Ranch's Reaction to Builder's Beige
10/22/08 05:31 AM