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We live in a small space and definitely buy in bulk! We have a great storage closet under the stairs that lead up to our patio and it is mostly used for storing items like that.
Sometimes I even go to Costco with my sister, buy in bulk and we split all the items up! It is a great cost savings and then technically you aren't stuck with way too much :)
If you don't have a family member willing to trek out to Costco with you and divvy up their goods, ask a friend who might be in the same situation. It could turn into a monthly outing for the two of you!

Small Home Living: Do You Buy in Bulk?
5/8/13 01:55 PM

A great Portland maker of Natural Deoderant is Schmidt's Beauty:


She makes great fragrances and they works great for even the most stinky of people :)
I HIGHLY suggest giving her product a try!!!! I am now a user for life.

Quick, Easy, Homemade Deodorant...that Actually Works Apartment Therapy Tutorial
5/8/13 01:42 PM

One of the most gorgeous and innovative renovations I have seen in a long time..... Amazing to see the before and after photos! WOW!

Shell's Renovated Lofty Studio House Tour
4/11/13 12:40 PM

You can typically get the chocolate Swiss Army knife at Cost Plus World Market. I know I have purchased them there in the past, might have been during the holidays, but check there!

Valentine's Day Romance by the Light of a Chocolate Lamp
2/11/13 12:09 PM