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Would never leave any device by next to my bed or in my bedroom even. We have even gone so far as to turn off Wifi at night as according to articles and studies I have read about we are more vulnerable to the dangers of EMF's while we are sleeping.

Banishing My Phone from My Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 12:49 PM

I would love it for my house to be always clean, but with a 2 and a half year old and a nine month old, I can only dream!

Just Focus on Today: No More \"All or Nothing\" Cleaning Comment of the Day
1/14/14 08:11 PM

We use a drying rack year round. Outside in the summer and inside in winter, dry them in the bedrooms to help moisten the air a bit. Don't really use a dryer that much... Great energy saver!

Good Reasons to Air Dry Laundry in Winter
(and 5 Racks You'll Love)

1/7/14 11:06 AM