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Very nice, loved this DIY from Oh Happy Day!

Off the Shelf vs. Do It Yourself:
Painterly Tablecloth Oh Happy Day

6/17/13 11:16 AM

Yes, I DIY'd my own modern art! So easy and I really love it. I just got a blank canvas and some paints.

You can see it here: http://instagram.com/p/aJ0K66g2w3/#

Do You DIY Modern Art?
6/4/13 06:17 PM

Love. Love. Love. So pretty!

Lighting Trend: Colorful Cords
6/4/13 01:33 PM

Great DIY--excited to try out a few ideas!

DIY Summer Tote Bag How About Orange
6/3/13 12:42 PM

You can create separate spaces within this big room if you would like more defined areas for your office, living room, etc. I am personally a fan of this but I think it all depends on what makes you most comfortable. A great idea for separating the spaces include a tall bookshelf that creates a "wall", putting tracks on your ceiling and having a curtain or panels (transparent or not) to slide back and forth, or you could just put a console across from your w/d which will narrow that space and make the living room seem more separate.

How To Use \"In Between\" Areas of Open Concept Space? Good Questions
6/3/13 10:55 AM

Love the design and colors!

Lu's Big Day: Homemade Birthday Party Invitations Party Planning Diary
6/3/13 10:52 AM

Love these prints, such a beautiful blue hue!

Life's A Beach: Summer Prints
of Sun & Sand

5/28/13 01:31 PM

Great DIY and that blog is fantastic too!

Art Inspiration: Minimalist Painted Frame The Brick House
5/28/13 01:31 PM

That dinner plate would look oh so good for a dinner on my terrace!

Neon Kitchen Finds: Under $50
5/28/13 01:30 PM

Love it when Apartment Therapy showcases handmade goods!

Artisan Style: 5 Handpicked Handmade
Home Goods

5/28/13 01:29 PM

Wow, beautiful work. I love the painted plates hung together on the wall. Love her aesthetic.

Meet the Maker: Molly Hatch
5/15/13 04:04 PM

Will definitely have to check this place out and I'm excited to share with the readers of my blog!

NightwoodStore Profile
5/15/13 03:35 PM

I think it would be all about texture, texture, texture. I think you can warm it up a few ways:

Add a rich hued wood bookcase/desk: http://pinterest.com/pin/399694535649385348/

Add a pillow to the chair with a unique, warm pattern and wall photos/paintings: http://pinterest.com/pin/185914290839386376/

Add warm lighting and flowers to the space (and not sure if it is the type of office where wallpaper would work but that is also a good idea): http://pinterest.com/pin/34410384624747636/

Desk & Decor Ideas to Soften the Look of Black Leather Eames Chairs? Good Questions
4/18/13 03:26 PM

Very nice feature of how DIY can be incorporated into your home.

Victor & Adrienne's DIY Cabin in the Sky House Tour
4/18/13 02:37 PM

Very cute handmade pet finds!

Cute & Petsy: Stylish Finds for Pets on Etsy
4/18/13 02:35 PM

Fantastic handcrafted goods for the home--thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking out further.

Ladies & Gentlemen StudioStore Profile
4/15/13 04:56 PM

Love the handmade one from KainKain!

Glam Greenery: Fern Decor
4/15/13 04:37 PM

Love the mountain trend! Excited to purchase a few mountain-inspired items for my home soon.

DIY Idea: Create a Mountain Shelf Carnets Parisiens
4/12/13 03:48 PM

Absolutely adore this! This would be great on my terrace for my garden too!

Make Your Own Kids' Garden Mom and Her Drill
4/10/13 03:32 PM

Loving both of the Etsy finds. The pillows are adorable!

Deep Sea Decor: It's a Whale of a Tale
4/10/13 03:20 PM