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This is the same recipe I use that I got from my dad. Although I almost never actually do them overnight (one aside, my recipe says to scald the milk if truly doing them overnight).

Quick way: warm milk to just 105-115 degrees. Combine ingredients per recipe (before the eggs & baking soda). Let rise for an hour or so. Add the eggs & baking soda, let sit another 5-15 minutes, and start makin' waffles.

Toasted finely chopped pecans make a nice addition (added with eggs & baking soda).

Reheating tip: Reheating in the waffle iron works great too!

Breakfast Recipe: Overnight Yeasted Waffles Recipes from The Kitchn
1/14/14 05:49 PM

I just ran across a photo of my childhood room the other day that showed the wallpaper - frankly for being ABC's it seems a little creepy now:


Do You Remember Your Childhood Wallpaper?
4/9/13 12:34 PM