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I agree with zhanae. I will miss this update- although I'm sure you'll be glad to put this process behind you. Your experience feels very realistic, and your writing is so readable. I appreciate your commitment to the time period of your building. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful! The soapstone counters and gray counters are going to look great against the wood floors.

Dan's Kitchen: A Custom Solution Renovation Diary
2/21/14 01:39 PM

Your solution is beautiful! It looks great and, even more important, is a terrific way to corral all the animals and baby dolls that inevitably wind up on a toddler's bed.

Can I Make a Crib Mattress Work with an IKEA Children's Bed? Good Questions
2/4/14 01:45 PM

I agree with Litterless that placing the bed along the long wall, with the foot towards, the window, would allow you to use much of the rest of the apartment for entertaining without having guests in your "bedroom." This post describes how to use Ikea panels to curtain off the bed area. It looks great.

The Murphy bed and loft solutions sounds like a pain and maybe not that attractive. Plus, we all know how costs can add up when buying a home- maybe a more temporary solution makes sense for now- use what you have with a few inexpensive purchases to help you re-orient your current furniture.

Congratulations on the new place!

Better Way to Layout Newly-Purchased Chelsea Studio? Good Questions
12/31/13 08:33 AM

Dan, I thought I posted this last week, but it doesn't look like it loaded. The owners at Old Town Home do a lot of plaster repair to their house and have a great series on skim coating and sanding:
Could be helpful.

Keep up the good work!

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall, Part 2 Renovation Diary
12/12/13 02:09 PM

Dan, I love reading your posts.
Do you read the blog Old Town Home? They do a lot of DIY and there's a great series on skim coating and sanding. They're repairing the original plaster, in many cases, but I bet a lot of the tips and techniques would be applicable for your buildout project, if you're planning to tackle it yourself.

Dan's Kitchen: Dining Room Progress Renovation Diary
12/5/13 10:43 AM

Love the feel of it and how tidy & clutter-free they manage to keep it with 2 kids. It feels much bigger than 1400 sf but like others, I wonder if that's due to the photography. The shots made me dizzy.

Vivi & Gaston's Modern Family Home House Tour
10/10/13 09:10 AM

Given your description of your apartment as modern, and how narrow the stairwell is, I think something like this, made from pipes, would be sleek.

This one is quite expensive but if you made it yourself you could do it for much less.

Stylish Railing Ideas for Narrow Stairs in 1950s Home? Good Questions
9/10/13 09:30 AM

The linked article says Oyster isn't planning to expand beyond iOS. So frustrating for those of us who have Nooks and are very limited in our choices. Does anyone know of a similar model for non-iOS e-readers or phones?

Oyster, the Netflix for E-Books, Launches Subscription Service Design News 09.06.13
9/6/13 11:29 AM

Thanks for the updated sketch of the structure!

How To Make a Plywood Rocket Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/30/13 08:15 AM

Is there a platform inside? What are the kids standing on when they are sticking out the top of the rocket? Looks like a lot of fun and I'd love to replicate with my kids. Thanks.

How To Make a Plywood Rocket Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/29/13 02:13 PM

@Pi, our kids shared a room. I waited until the baby was about 6 months before putting her in with our older daughter. The older one just adjusts to the sounds of the baby-- just like a married couple!

Lily & Oli's Fresh Grey Space My Room
5/23/13 02:00 PM