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Peaches' Wonderfully Whimsical Bungalow House Tour
4/6/12 05:32 PM

YAY. Also, friends with Adam Wallacavage? YAY AGAIN.

Dixie's Latest and Greatest Sensation-Rich Home House Tour
4/4/12 09:59 PM


Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
11/4/11 06:23 PM

I wish we'd had just a few more pictures of the butcher-block island.

Lovely apartment.

Chris's Sunny & Small Student Apartment in Ann Arbor
House Tour

10/11/11 05:51 PM

Love the pics. I bought the Nisanyan book on small Turkish hotels years ago and have long dreamed of staying in their place in Sirince.

Ni┼čanyan House Hotel: Our Best Hotel Stay in Turkey
Hotel Tour

7/27/11 07:01 PM


Tips & Tricks: Coming Home to Happy Pets & Plants
Reader Intelligence Report

7/14/11 02:19 PM


Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

6/30/11 11:23 PM

Crap. I really love Habitat.

Breaking News: Habitat Chain to Close?
6/24/11 04:08 PM

Rancho Reubidoux is one of my fave blogs. The salvage & succulent vignettes are genius... genius, I tell you.

Garden Tour: Reuben & Paul's Rancho Reubidoux
The Gardenist

6/8/11 06:46 PM

Congratulations! It looks fab.

Building DIY Plumbing Pipe Shelves in My Dining Room
5/13/11 07:33 PM

I knew this house would send a certain anal-retentive, OCD segment of AT's readership into fits, which is why I clicked on it. I wasn't disappointed. Oh, you sad and puckered masses. What a fabulous house. I have rats in my walls, too, by the way. Often just a fact of life in ye olde funky houses.

Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
House Tour

5/12/11 07:14 PM

@mintlovesocialclub -- this is about 10,000 times cooler than those Ikea panels. In fact, it's even cooler than the original Cole & Sons wallpaper. Well done.

Katie & Matt's Magic Marker Forest Hall
5/2/11 06:52 PM

Deptford Fun City! Love the huge split-leaf philodendrons and the artifacts/art.

Jo-Anne & Howard's London Home & Bonsai Garden
House Tour

4/25/11 09:21 PM

@callalo -- any apps you'd recommend? Right now I'm just using an RSS feed for my searches, but I'm always looking for something betterfastersmarter.

Spinning off @bepsf's comment, my biggest peeve is sellers who don't take down their item (or label it "sold") after it's gone. People ask about availability because, a good 50 percent of the time (in my experience), an item is long gone but the ad rolls on and on. Why? Why? Why?

In sum: Bad CL etiquette swings both ways.

10 Tips for Finding What You Want on Craigslist
4/5/11 06:55 PM

That top squirrel portrait makes my toes curl with delight.

Lisa's Artistic Time Capsule
House Tour

3/30/11 07:56 PM

I prefer it before. To me, the "After" pic looks like something out of a West Elm catalogue. To each his/her own.

Before & After: AJ Takes His Bedroom from Drab to Fab
Handjobs (For the Home)

3/14/11 07:29 PM

Love it. Yes sir, I love it a lot.

Meghan Boody's Trippy Tribeca Loft
New York Magazine

3/2/11 02:25 AM

"At least IKEA don't sell guns."

"If they did, they'd arrive flat packed and would be very hard to assemble."

...with your choice of multicolored handgrips (Not included - Extra charge), the trigger would be missing, and after firing it three times it would break.

Imagine the recall notices.

IKEA's Shrewd & Secretive Ascent to the Top
The Economist

3/1/11 11:31 PM

Thanks, Michelle. They look great!

How To Build a Sliding Door for Less Than $40
2/22/11 07:19 PM

@michelle123, do you happen to have a picture?

How To Build a Sliding Door for Less Than $40
2/22/11 06:37 PM