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the grain on the new cabinets is GORGEOUS. i would kill for those.

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4/17/14 10:03 PM

grandpa carl!!

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4/10/14 02:40 PM

I soak dehydrated tart cherries in various liquors with success -- grand marnier seems to be the favorite for cocktails, especially manhattans. just soak them and keep adding liquor until they plump back up. :)

My Spring Project: Make DIY Maraschino Cocktail Cherries Spring Projects from The Kitchn
3/31/14 06:21 PM

totally agree with @interrera. i love our pillow but the smell is so strong that you can't really put it anywhere near your face...

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11/17/13 08:18 PM

awesome house! especially loving that gigantic marble sink in the bathroom...

but can you tell me where you got those shot glasses?!

Phil & Vicki's Halloween House in Providence House Tour
11/1/13 12:36 PM

I second the frying idea. works great to reseason also.

How Do I Season a Cast Iron Skillet Without an Oven? Good Questions
10/30/13 10:07 AM

i have one of her pieces! (it's a diptych actually, so I guess I have two...)

Karen's \"Everything Has Its Place\" Home Office & Studio DeskTops
10/29/13 11:51 AM

you should add some Blanton's to your collection, sir.

really neat space! love all the little skulls.

Under My Thumb's Homey Tattoo Studio Creative Workspace Tour
10/8/13 10:23 AM

LOVE!!! what a gorgeous home!!

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh House Tour
9/25/13 11:03 AM

good luck! I had my first successful balcony garden this year (in washington dc) and it was THE BEST.

sadly, our growing season is winding down now....lucky for you to have such great weather year-round!

suggestion if i may: look into getting a couple types of plant-specific natural fertilizers (as in, one for the leafy ones and one for the fruiting ones, e.g.) -- it'll make a huge difference when container gardening! i'm sure your local gardener can help :D

Small Space Gardening: 5 Tips for Starting a Balcony Container Garden
9/12/13 11:28 AM

gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE that fireplace!

Romany's Former Police Station Home House Call
9/6/13 10:04 AM

it's so gorgeous i want it all! what a lovely victorian that still looks like a victorian! AND on alamo square! *swoon*

Andi & Dean's Modern Meets Victorian House Tour
7/31/13 05:24 PM

agreed on the Green Hat! (their summer seasonal is delicious as well)

love the painted chairs btw!

-- Your Capitol Hill neighbor :)

Found Treasures in Teeny & Aaron's DC Apartment House Tour
7/18/13 10:08 AM

house tour!!!

Emily-Kate's 1913 Mill House, Reborn House Call
6/11/13 04:58 PM

where'd you get the dante quote print?!

cute place btw! love all the colors :)

Nicole's Pretty Adorable Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 10:25 AM

especially love the bedroom! (commendable toms collection btw) favorited!

Jessica's Crafted Space Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 10:11 AM

i had the exact same reaction! :D

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5/14/13 04:48 PM

Represent Lawrenceville!!! (i lived there for 2 years)

In my current rental in dc, i have big plans to take up the cat pee-stained carpet in our entryway...IT WILL HAPPEN!!

When the Mood Strikes: Impulse Makeovers & Upgrades
4/25/13 07:23 PM

i have one! it's great!

Meyer Textile Co: Aprons for Him and Her Store Profile
4/22/13 10:48 PM

this is gorgeous! love all the details, esp. the channel-set lights in the walnut and the tangerine-ish door. well done!

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4/19/13 10:37 AM