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@Jezebella et al., normally I'd be with you but I've been reading his blog for years now. Of course Michelle and little Isabella participated a lot, but it's primarily Colin's project. He thought it up and it has been his full-time job (Michelle kept her job at BusinessWeek). He writes the blog daily (3? years now), spent many days volunteering with local environmental groups, and did tons of research. And of course, he wrote the book. And now he's started

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 'No Impact Man' Colin Beavan and Michelle Conlin Re-Nest Interview
9/14/09 12:53 AM

looks great. Could you please give the cross street of stores you profile? The street address number doesn't help me visualize where it is. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mignonne: Furniture Renovation More
8/20/09 03:07 AM

Febreze? Really? Does anyone know whether it actually works (makes things cleaner) as opposed to just making things smell chemically scented?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Great Quotes: Katharine Whitehorn
5/4/09 01:56 AM

Could you please include the address and cross street in this type of post? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Urban Indigo
4/24/09 12:51 AM

I don't mean to nitpick, but I'm a biologist and I look at DNA sequence all the time. Sequenced DNA is a series of A's, T's, G's, and C's, representing the identities of the DNA bases.

_Chromosomes_ can sometimes be viewed as bars with a banding pattern on them, but at that level of resolution you're not looking at the sequence of the DNA per se, rather the DNA molecule itself. Are the vertical bands supposed to represent chromosomes? Or is there something I'm missing?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Adding Light to a Small Room
2/10/09 06:51 PM

Wait, what? I can't make out the etching on the glass, but "the DNA pattern of a harbor seal" doesn't actually make ANY sense.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Adding Light to a Small Room
2/10/09 02:11 AM

Hi. A grammatical note: "it's" means "it is;" "its" is the possessive.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How To: Double Your Internet Browsing Speed on Firefox
1/26/09 05:53 PM

Ha! Palmetto's is my favorite. The real tragedy: if our hero could read, he or she would know the "ENGLISH" book might be of some use.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's Your Story?
1/14/09 10:36 PM

mh330, what's the difference between disposable chopsticks and plastic forks? Obviously, we should encourage restaurants to move away from both...but isn't it a little rude to say "chopsticks make me sad"?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: How Well Can You Eat With Chopsticks?
1/13/09 11:59 PM

I also was looking for glass canisters, so I bought the "stackable square glass canisters" from the container store:

DON'T buy them! Despite the description, they are NOT airtight (the fins that hold the lid on don't go to the edge at the corners). I got bugs in all my grains. It was very demoralizing.

For now, I'm just using spaghetti sauce jars, which perhaps in the current economic climate is the best option of all.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Click-Clack Storage Containers for Flour and Sugar
1/13/09 11:44 PM

I'd like to second the notion of car-sharing. I've been a member of City CarShare, which is nonprofit, for 3 1/2 years and they've been great. I probably average about 4 trips a month and my bills are almost always under what the monthly price of insurance would be. Plus, gas and insurance are included and I never have to worry about parking tickets or maintenance/incidental costs.

I'm a grad student, and I'm sure that if I had to pay for owning a car I couldn't have my own cute little apartment :-)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Decorating on a Budget
1/13/09 11:24 PM

"it's" means "it is;" "its" is possessive. How many people at AT read this question without bothering to fix the grammar?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Help Identify this Yard Sale Find?
1/13/09 01:11 PM

I can't wait to find an excuse to stop by this place! And I really appreciate the cross streets being given with the address.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hollow
1/10/09 01:08 AM

I agree that the juxtaposed pictures given are great, but would have enjoyed photos of the BART stations she mentioned.

salamander, BART tiles have been on AT (SF and NY) before:

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Commuter Décor
1/8/09 08:13 PM

Roasted red peppers (from a jar) add lots of flavor.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weeknight Meal Tip: Ways to Doctor Jarred Tomato Sauce to Add More Flavor
12/16/08 10:27 PM

I'd like to second VLADCOLE's comment. Clicking through for that makes me feel cheap.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Dual-Purpose Door Mat
12/7/08 01:42 PM

oh GOD let me second erin's comment. I'd love it if you'd always use first person unless you really are talking about multiple people.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: My Tiny Landing Strip
10/28/08 03:15 PM

Dear Apartment Therapy,

I think your site's great. But please, PLEASE, stop writing "it's" for possessive. "It's" means "it is"; "its" is the possessive.

I have seen this error several times in the last few days alone. I understand that blogs may not have editorial staff and posts may be written quickly, but come on, this is elementary grammar.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Silver Desktop Letter Opener
10/21/08 12:43 PM