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I suggest going back to Etsy and convo-ing the photographers who took pictures that you liked on a smaller scale. Many of them probably do not have larger prints listed, because of either the higher cost of the size of the print or perceived lack of interest, but should have both the image resolution and the capability to print extra-large.

Good Sources for Oversized & Affordable Artwork? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/14/10 06:27 PM

I did it and got exactly what I wanted. I actually had 3 or 4 people contact me with various options of what I was looking for (a round Danish-modern table that didn't cost an arm and a leg).

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11/10/09 03:34 PM

I love the Emma Jeffs window film at design public, but wasn't a fan of the price ( I have much smaller problem windows in my home (17 inch square windows that let in WAY too much Arizona sun) and used frosted paper that I purchased at Paper Source ( in large sheets that I cut to size and attached with heavy duty double-sided tape. It looks the same as if I used a film, was much less expensive, and is easy to replace if I find something I like more or grow tired of the pattern.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Let the Sunshine In But Keep out Neighbor's Eyes? Good Questions
7/20/09 04:08 PM

To be clear, I don't think that kids should be included on *everything* but the post is about "How to Welcome Guests with Children." It's not about overparenting, it's about being inclusive. Trust me on this one, I've been invited to way too many things where my toddler was specifically invited and then is expected to be shuffled off into a corner and leave the adults alone. It's about teaching your kids to interact with other adults appropriately. I never said that *all* of the tips were bad, just that some of them rubbed me the wrong way. Children should be thought to be included as well, if they are invited, and if they are not invited, that's okay too. Not every event is for kids, nor should it be.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests with Children
6/2/09 09:13 PM

As a mom, I'm sorry to say that a few of your tips (and some of the comments) really rubbed me the wrong way. If you invite me AND my child to come over, my child is just as much of a guest as I am and should be treated as such. He's not a puppy to be put out in the backyard and not a handbag to be plopped down in the other room. He's a person and a guest in your home. Reasonable accommodations should be made and so should attempts to incorporate him into whatever is going on at an age-appropriate level. Most of your tips seem to be directions on how to exclude the kids (different food, different activity) rather than how to incorporate them. I've had friends try this and we don't see them much anymore. Maybe your friends see this differently than I do, and maybe it comes off better in person than in print... I guess any attempt is better than no attempt anyhow.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests with Children
6/2/09 07:44 PM

Since you're moving a few months after baby arrives, I would hold off on buying a crib. A bassinet is an easy smaller solution and what my son slept in for his first 5 months. We wanted him in our room for that time, but even if the baby was in their own room a bassinet would work just fine.

Also, a changing table is the least useful piece of baby furniture. We use a changing pad with cover and the floor. Much easier, especially with a wiggly baby.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Extraneous Baby Gear?
5/15/09 02:49 PM

Thanks for the tips everyone, I guess I'll keep checking Craigslist every day. So much for instant gratification, but you're all right, I'd rather wait for something I love. So, we'll make do with three chairs for now (there's only 3 of us anyhow!).


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3/25/09 12:41 PM