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I don't know why everyone has to turn a blog into a personal attack - The places is gorgeous and I love the shrine to the pooches - If you are against the design don;t vote for it - it's a contest people pleeze - he is not running for President..I am sure the professional judges will give him a fair nod!

Apartment Therapy DC | East #24: Supon's Pops of Color
10/21/08 12:13 PM

My favorite so far! Very feminine yet such a daring spanish flair - use of color in saturated hues and sheen you do not see to often - I can feel the energy of the Magdelanas and the torriodor! Ariba!! Brilliant!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #21 Lori's Latin Lair
10/21/08 12:04 PM

I could totally make this my dwelling - love the use of textiles and color and I am diggin the patio and morrocan room - very bohemian chic - brilliant!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #11: Mellow Modern Megan
10/21/08 12:00 PM

It's an artist's dream loft - love the use of color with an industrial feel - every detail right down to the citrus on the plates is brilliant!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #5: Square Harbor's Color Obsession
10/21/08 11:50 AM