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Gratuitous plastic covering on the nonbiodegradable mouthwash bottle. Oh boy.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/25/14 01:12 AM

Americans refrigerate much more food than Europeans who generally have small refrigerators. Eggs don't have to be refrigerated, most condiments don't require refrigeration (ketchup, mustard, sandwich sauces are on the counter of your local diner all day long...).

The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator Organizing Guides from The Kitchn
7/22/14 04:14 PM

I would add, consider dirt and dust. The woven felt divider is lovely now; how will it look in six months?

Renters Solutions: 4 Things to Consider When Using a Room Divider
7/22/14 04:11 PM

I don't understand. If you find some aspect of the apartment too horrible to live with, why rent it?

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/21/14 05:06 PM

It's lovely. I really like the corner plant stand! If the $10 table gives up the ghost after a year or two....well, nothing lasts forever.

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 10:59 AM

Adam Churcher! Genius! Plus, the doggie!

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 10:17 AM

Fay rocks!

Two more for the quick look and out the door...

Bed linens and pots.

Two sets of sheets for each size of bed--the spare in case someone gets sick and needs a quick bedding change. One light blanket and one heavier blanket for each person.

And those pots and pans you never use.

3 Very Effective Ways to Spend 10 Spare Minutes Apartment Therapy Videos
7/14/14 05:16 PM

You probably don't need a shop vac or a chain saw or an electric hedge trimmer.

No one needs a leaf blower.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 09:55 PM

Sometimes what seems like a negative opinion is actually a helpful suggestion.

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 06:18 PM

Took me forever to get up off the floor after reading WrylyInformative's wryly informative comment.

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/10/14 05:48 PM

Bee for Brian is my hero :-)

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 04:12 PM

Wow. These seem expensive and look uncomfortable.

Patio loveseats are more stylish, comfortable, and--because the cushions are easily recovered or replaced--versatile.

And if you move to a larger place, you can use it on your patio.

10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces
7/7/14 10:02 PM

#5 should say "If the flag is hung VERTICALLY."

How To Properly Display The American Flag
7/3/14 06:29 PM

In Europe, pharmacies will dispose of old medications, but unfortunately that's not common in the US. I've been told to throw medicines in their containers in the trash--never flush them into the water supply.

Easy to forget--salad dressing. If you can't remember when you last opened the bottle, say goodbye ;-)

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/2/14 07:23 AM

A couple of planter boxes (very easy to build) with morning glories and a trellis (also easy to build) to screen off the area will make all the differnce in the world, and cheaply. :-)

Design Solutions For Outdoor Space? Good Questions
7/1/14 06:08 PM

I'm in agreement with akay. Children love bright colors, bold shapes, fun stuff...

5 Bold Black & White Nurseries
7/1/14 06:05 PM

The "before" is not a very nice kitchen but the "pop of color" approach might work in the "after," too.
I'm curious why not just lay checkerboard tiles?

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Garish To Gorgeous
7/1/14 09:59 AM

Concrete blocks can be useful but still they look, in my personal opinion, totally terrible.

10 Ways to Make Cinderblock Furniture (That Doesn't Look Totally Terrible)
7/1/14 07:31 AM

I love this house.
(the bird needs a bigger cage ;-)

Beatrice & Ramsey's Cultured Echo Park Casa House Tour
6/27/14 07:06 PM

My adult challenges come whenever I'm considering Contac paper as a design solution.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/27/14 04:44 AM