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I don't understand. If you find some aspect of the apartment too horrible to live with, why rent it?

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/21/14 05:06 PM

It's lovely. I really like the corner plant stand! If the $10 table gives up the ghost after a year or two....well, nothing lasts forever.

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 10:59 AM

Adam Churcher! Genius! Plus, the doggie!

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 10:17 AM

Fay rocks!

Two more for the quick look and out the door...

Bed linens and pots.

Two sets of sheets for each size of bed--the spare in case someone gets sick and needs a quick bedding change. One light blanket and one heavier blanket for each person.

And those pots and pans you never use.

3 Very Effective Ways to Spend 10 Spare Minutes Apartment Therapy Videos
7/14/14 05:16 PM

You probably don't need a shop vac or a chain saw or an electric hedge trimmer.

No one needs a leaf blower.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 09:55 PM

Sometimes what seems like a negative opinion is actually a helpful suggestion.

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 06:18 PM

Took me forever to get up off the floor after reading WrylyInformative's wryly informative comment.

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/10/14 05:48 PM

Bee for Brian is my hero :-)

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 04:12 PM

Wow. These seem expensive and look uncomfortable.

Patio loveseats are more stylish, comfortable, and--because the cushions are easily recovered or replaced--versatile.

And if you move to a larger place, you can use it on your patio.

10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces
7/7/14 10:02 PM

#5 should say "If the flag is hung VERTICALLY."

How To Properly Display The American Flag
7/3/14 06:29 PM

In Europe, pharmacies will dispose of old medications, but unfortunately that's not common in the US. I've been told to throw medicines in their containers in the trash--never flush them into the water supply.

Easy to forget--salad dressing. If you can't remember when you last opened the bottle, say goodbye ;-)

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/2/14 07:23 AM

A couple of planter boxes (very easy to build) with morning glories and a trellis (also easy to build) to screen off the area will make all the differnce in the world, and cheaply. :-)

Design Solutions For Outdoor Space? Good Questions
7/1/14 06:08 PM

I'm in agreement with akay. Children love bright colors, bold shapes, fun stuff...

5 Bold Black & White Nurseries
7/1/14 06:05 PM

The "before" is not a very nice kitchen but the "pop of color" approach might work in the "after," too.
I'm curious why not just lay checkerboard tiles?

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Garish To Gorgeous
7/1/14 09:59 AM

Concrete blocks can be useful but still they look, in my personal opinion, totally terrible.

10 Ways to Make Cinderblock Furniture (That Doesn't Look Totally Terrible)
7/1/14 07:31 AM

I love this house.
(the bird needs a bigger cage ;-)

Beatrice & Ramsey's Cultured Echo Park Casa House Tour
6/27/14 07:06 PM

My adult challenges come whenever I'm considering Contac paper as a design solution.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/27/14 04:44 AM

Bubcico, what a wonderful story. I hope you will keep the yellow skirt, and live happily ever after :-)

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/27/14 04:43 AM

I'd open the wall between the dining room and the middle room. It will become the heart of the house in no time.

Help Layout Row of Compartmentalized Rooms? Good Questions
6/24/14 03:02 PM

In Germany I saw many crocheted artifacts at flea markets--people couldn't give them away. Dolls with big skirts to disguise the spare roll of toilet paper, for example.

Summer Crafts: DIY Crochet Frames Daily Fix
6/24/14 03:44 AM