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I want to try them!! I hope they come to Canada... Last time I went to the states I had to grab many bags of dark chocolate M&M's because they stopped carrying them here!

The Pumpkin Spice Empire Takes Over M&M's, Shows No Sign of Stopping
9/12/13 01:14 PM

I did the colour acuity test and got a 62 :( Not good at all! My mom actually does colour matching for her job and does perfectly on these tests. Sigh!

Test Yourself: Color Quizzes
9/11/13 11:07 AM

That last photo is too perfect.

Scenes from Alaskan Fish Camp: Filleting a Yelloweye Rockfish Right on the Boat
9/9/13 03:47 PM

Oh god, I am drooling right now. I need to make these!

Party Recipe: Baked Bacon & Cheddar JalapeƱo Poppers Recipes from The Kitchn
9/5/13 03:54 PM

I'm surprised Minecraft isn't on this list! I spend most of my time on Minecraft designing my home :)

10 Games That Tap Into Your Inner Interior Designer Apartment Therapy Game Room
8/23/13 04:03 PM

I work in linens and I definitely agree that it's all about personal preference. If you have the option, it's ideal to go in to stores to try the pillows out!

If you're curious about down pillows, we have some info on that on our website: The most popular is definitely our medium goose down pillows, but I personally prefer a suuuuper firm pillow.

Are Expensive Pillows Worth It? Good Questions
8/20/13 04:36 PM

I had it a couple months ago. I'm a huge fan of hoppy beers and this was no exception :)

Beer Review: West Coast IPA from Green Flash Brewing Company Beer Sessions
8/15/13 11:42 AM

I made this on the weekend and it was perfect. I'm mostly obsessed with how beautiful they look in the jar. :)

How To Make Quick-Pickled Red Onions Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/15/13 10:58 AM

I'm happy to report that I tried this and it worked beautifully!! Thank you for the awesome tips, I would have never known sauerkraut would be so easy to make!

How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut
in a Mason Jar Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

8/15/13 10:56 AM

Now it's fixed and I can't delete my previous comment... but thank you!!!

Weekend Guide: Sales & Events Calendar August 9, 2013
8/9/13 02:41 PM

Hi Jennifer, It looks like the description for the Au Lit sale got transposed on to the Thomas Paul sale description. Just thought you should know :)

Weekend Guide: Sales & Events Calendar August 9, 2013
8/9/13 12:42 PM

I have so many fabric scraps! This is a brilliant idea :)

Another Use For Pretty Fabric Scraps?
Use Them As Canning Jar Covers!

8/7/13 04:19 PM

I haven't tried it but I'd love to!

This Is What a $150 Beer Tastes Like:
Sam Adams Utopias Beer Sessions

8/7/13 04:18 PM

Hi Skillet,

I work for Au Lit and we carry that lamp. It's $328 and is currently 10% off until August 31st. You can order it over the phone with us at 416-489-7010 or Monday to Friday at 1-800-363-6080. My email is if you have any further questions. Have a great weekend!

Weekend Guide: Sales & Events Calendar August 2, 2013
8/2/13 05:28 PM

I freaked out when I saw it! That used to be my station!! I love Toronto :)

Local Escapes: Tips for Enjoying Your City Like a Tourist
7/30/13 01:04 PM

My friend has this and I thought it was amazing! It's right on the first wall you see when you walk in, so of course you want to scan it out of curiosity.

Share Your Wi-Fi Password With Guests With a Framed QR Code Tixeretne
7/30/13 10:08 AM

Love it!

May the Force Be In Your Room:
Star Wars Nurseries & Kids' Bedrooms

7/24/13 05:40 PM

That Lasercat pillow is adorable. Has anyone bought from Society6 before? I'd like to get a cushion but I'm a bit skeptical. I'm scared that it's going to be terrible quality and not wash well!

Art Pillows: Fun Art for Your Everyday
7/24/13 11:11 AM

I have not but I most certainly need to!

Food Trend: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream
7/12/13 03:13 PM

Gravol! I have a super sensitive stomach and flights make me way too nauseous. Also seconding the inflatable pillow!

8 Air Travel Must-Haves for a Comfortable Flight
7/9/13 04:18 PM