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Ramadan coming up for some of us, and LOTS of dates to be had - such great ideas here, THANKS.

11 Ways to Stuff Your Face with Dates Recipes From The Kitchn
6/25/14 01:13 AM


Coffee Around the World: How Swedes Drink Coffee Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
6/24/14 01:25 AM

I'm pretty sure the idea is to show how seemingly simple tweaks could give you a high impact result - regardless of the cost. Beat the price tag if you can, by all means!

Some of these are really quite cool - love the light fixtures and exposed ceiling on the 4th.

10 Before & After Kitchen Renovations For Under $7,000 (Some Way Under!)
5/15/14 01:54 AM

More articles like these, please! Crazy informative, and very very interesting.

How Maple Syrup is Made in Vermont Maker Tour
4/9/14 12:47 AM

Thank you, genz!

Yes, There Is a Difference Between a Buffet, Sideboard, Server, and Credenza
3/27/14 01:39 AM

I've been waiting for this! Thank you very much!

How To Make Soap at Home Tiny Projects for a Cozy Kitchen
1/9/14 12:36 AM


Tricia's \"Cozy Plum\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 09:52 PM

Awesome post - Ramadhan Mubarak!!

Ramadan Food: When And What To Eat
7/12/13 01:21 AM

OMG - in Bangkok! Super duper amazing. Love it!

Kitty's Folding Screen Small Space House Call
6/11/13 01:18 AM

One of my favourite tours now - such a GORGEOUS home! WOW. Immaculate tastes. Where is the bedroom wallpaper from, may we ask?

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/29/13 01:15 AM

WOW. Amazing.

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 10:17 AM

Everything looks professionally designed! Wow! Gorgeous home.

Kylie's Compact Family Home Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 10:10 AM

LOVE this. Total win

Cristian's Well Defined Spaces Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 10:02 AM

This is super unique and architecturally amazing! Such beautiful touches everywhere. I have to say though, being a resident in Singapore, that this isn't a "small" space at all. The majority of us live in tighter living quarters! Or perhaps this space has been decorated so well that it seems a lot larger in photos? In any case - props to Carmen for creating something so beautiful!

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 09:29 PM


Leslie's Enchanting Sunlight Small Cool Contest
5/19/13 10:19 PM

My favourite so far - well done!

John's Sunlit Studio Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 12:58 AM

My favourite!!

Maria's Multi-Zone Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/7/13 08:44 PM

Whatever The48 said! Good stuff.

One Design, Two Budgets:
Global Chic Bedroom

3/6/13 10:16 PM

What's so wrong with feminine, really? It's rather calm and comforting. Nurturing. Like a mother's womb.

Beautiful home, Lauren! Stealing a few ideas, if you don't mind..

Lauren & Kevin's Urban Jungle Oasis House Tour
12/19/12 01:17 AM