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DISASTER! Okay, so I've used Oz before to move locally in the city. I got a hardworking crew and, wanting to save some money, I did the packing myself. The move was fine so I decided on using them again. This time, I moved from NY to Mass. Since my mother has passed away, I had several antique & sentimental items from her. The person on the phone said I was getting a VIP Crew that specialized in moving antiques. After spending a substantial amount on the move, I later found out that was just "talk" and there actually is no such thing as a VIP Crew. They totally lied! I had decided to let Oz do some of the packing. BIG MISTAKE!!! After I explained to the crew that I had an antique French chandelier from my mother, that needed to be packed separately, one of the guys packed it with a heavy microwave. The microwave obviously crushed it. One of the men also packed a Limoges charger with a brass lamp. The lamp crushed the charger. My armoire is damaged. There are nicks in several pieces of furniture. The lesson learned: IF YOU HAVE VALUABLE ITEMS DO NOT USE OZ. Since the move, communicating with them has been a nightmare. I also still can’t get over how dishonest they were. Why would you assure someone that you are sending a VIP crew who specializes in antiques when that kind of crew doesn’t exist. Not to mention, I think anyone with half a brain would know that you don’t pack very fragile items with extremely heavy ones. What a NIGHTMARE!

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10/21/08 06:25 AM