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I was just in Naples last week, and was amazed as well by these enormous entryways, and the courtyards of the buildings too. I couldnt stop looking up or stop taking pictures. It is a shame that the city is so filthy and discarded.

Gigantic Doorways in Naples, Italy | Apartment Therapy DC
6/10/10 12:33 PM

You are quite lucky these fireplaces are usually torn out long time ago due to there smaller stature. I love the white, but it looks matte...? I would give it a once over with semi white Ben Moore 01; that usually does the trick. Also I would get a piece of white marble cut to fit the top with rounded routed edges, also i would take the dimensions of the inner floor of the fireplace and go to your local metal shop and have them cut a piece of stainless to fit in there clear silicone adhesive equal pressure it looks fantastic. I did this once and it looked really good. Make sure you smooth out the edge of the floor piece of wood and paint it or it will look very ratty in comparison to the steel.

For the window I would paint the inner frame the yellow of the wall but paint the base white then get a piece of salvaged wood cut it to spec except let it over hang by an inch or so and leave the uncut side to show it will give the illusion of molding but will be two toned. Throw some logs in the fireplace and done.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Ideas to Save this Fireplace?
2/19/09 08:37 AM

We just signed up for a weekly produce and dairy pickup from a local Organic farmer. We pay a flat rate for the year and you pick up every weekend. This helps the farms stay in business "up front capital" not to mention gets you the freshest produce sans the long lines at the grocer.
Another take on how to "save" money: markets are low it might seem erroneous but look in to opening a Roth IRA, or if you have a 401k plan utilize it. Cut back on some things, and start saving. These are long term investments so even though the economy is below par now these work on a slow and steady growth so there is not a lot of risk and now especially is a good time.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 11 Ways To Save Money At Home, Painlessly
10/21/08 04:50 AM