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Aren't most things 100% biodegradable if we wait long enough? After looking at the Wasara website I see that there is no mention of the plates being 100% biodegradable. Please show me where this is stated, obviously it's possible I missed it.

They are made from biodegradable ingredients, but what else are they made from? Is it to be assumed that the three natural ingredients the website states they are made from are the sole ingredients?

I'm truly asking these questions in earnest. No sarcasm here. Just leery of green-washing.

Attractive Options for Disposable Party Plates | Apartment Therapy DC
11/23/09 04:47 PM

I would be so sad to go to a dinner party where the hosts used disposable plates. All that garbage just so you don't have to wash dishes. You do know that dishes can be done by hand? Don't wait until you have a dishwasher before you stop filling up landfills.

Attractive Options for Disposable Party Plates | Apartment Therapy DC
11/23/09 04:10 PM

This looks so great!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Outdoor Tiles with Grass for Grout
6/26/09 06:40 PM

That chair doesn't really look inviting. Would anyone actually ever sit in a corner of the hallway to read a book rather than in the living room?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When You Need To Retreat: Create A Cozy Spot
6/26/09 06:39 PM

Ugh, I feel sorry for your "Boys" if leaving a bottle on the counter instead of in the recycling bin makes them slobs. Talk about uptight!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bad Habits To Break At Home
6/26/09 06:38 PM

Oh yes, I understand that these comes in different shapes and sizes, I was just pointing out that those in the pictures are triplexes, not duplexes as labeled.

I live in a triplex in Montreal like those in the post, but I live on the third floor; it's a hassle to move, but it's worth the sunlight, the view from the balconies (I have one in front and one in back) and not having noisy neighbours above me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Deux Duplex Montreal
8/15/08 10:01 AM

Aren't these actually triplexes? A ground floor apartment entered through an exterior door, a second floor apartment entered via an outdoor staircase and a door and the third floor apartment entered via the second door on the second floor and then an interior staircase. To me, this is a triplex, not a duplex.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Deux Duplex Montreal
8/15/08 08:54 AM

I'm with the posters above: though I don't have a dryer now, when I used to use one I never used dryer sheets and never had a problem. They are simply not necessary and it's bizarre that anyone would think they are.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Static Eliminator Re-Usable Dryer Sheets
8/5/08 01:16 PM

Any word on the plans for the bed? I'm anxious to get started on one of my own!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Jeremy's Handmade Platform Bed
6/9/08 12:44 PM

Great bed! Please made the plans available!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Jeremy's Handmade Platform Bed
6/4/08 02:13 PM

I grew up on home-made dressing and can't imagine buying it in a store. No one I know buys salad dressing! I think we'd all be secretly (maybe not even secretly!) horrified if we were guests to someone who used dressing from a bottle. A regular vinaigrette is delicious but hardly impressive!

Isn't is interesting the things that are normal for some are crazy for others. I wonder what I do that would horrify someone else!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Dressing Spring Salads: How To Make a Basic Vinaigrette
5/8/08 08:42 AM

Like chuckolate, I do have a similar set for my dining set and have avoided re-upholstering them because of the back. I thought I would have to sew new covers for the back; I guess a staple-gun works too. Let us know more details about how you did the back please!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #3: Alexuma's Flip Chair Reupholstery
1/23/08 09:48 AM

How frustrating! Not only are they sold out at the 2 Ikeas near me, but here in Canada, they go for 299$ instead of 199$. :(

Apartment Therapy - Ånes Dresser by Ehlén Johansson at IKEA
11/12/07 10:30 AM

Does anyone know where to get modern gingerbread house templates?

Apartment Therapy - Modern Gingerbread House Slinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/2/07 11:56 AM

elif, I have one that says Yogoslavia on it too. It differs from the original poster's in that it has arms. I found it in an alley and took it home!

Good Questions: Who Made My Great Rope Chair?
8/3/07 08:52 PM