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Regarding the first item, the arrowhead collection, I would strongly encourage anybody interested in purchasing such an item to investigate where the arrowheads came from to ensure they aren't buying looted goods. Arrowheads that a flint-knappping hobbiest made in their garage last week are totally different from a handful of thousand-year-old arrowheads that somebody picked up illegally on public lands! Just something to think about, friends.

Southwestern Style: Arrowheads, Photographs & Rug The Friday MORNING Scavenger
2/22/13 11:07 AM

At the moment, vintage and earthenware mugs. I am such a sucker for handmade mugs!

What Special Kitchen Treasures Do You Like to Collect?
2/19/13 09:48 PM

I'm with Thrift at Home on this! I live in small city in a rural area and have pretty much the same shopping strategy. Lately, however, I've challenged myself to shop seasonally and keep a minimal pantry. I live by myself, so there's no reason to have so much food always on hand. I choose a few recipes to make every week, and then keep only a few basic staples on hand for on-the-fly meals. It keeps my kitchen tidy, and my grocery shopping focused. Oh yeah, and it keeps my grocery bill down : )

Stocking a Healthier Pantry From Whole Foods for $99: Can It Be Done?
1/26/13 03:01 PM

As a rower in college, my coach was a fanatic about peanut butter, bananas and wheat bread. Not only is it a great post work-out food, those three items were always stocked at the dining hall. I used to wrap the peanut butter toast around the banana. Voila! A banana dog!

Anyway. I still do that sometimes (o the nostalgia!) after a hard summer workout because I'm craving the salty peanut butter, but now I more often have a glass of milk and a small something carb-y and sweet when I get home from the gym to hold me over until dinner.

The first hour after a workout is the key window for getting your body the protein to rebuild muscles, and some kind of sugar to keep you going while your body starts the recovery process. The magical formula for this? CHOCOLATE MILK. Seriously. There have been tests done and stuff. If my coach had a mantra, it would be "Chocolate milk chocolate milk chocolate milk..." whispered during races. Because chocolate milk is (post-workout refueling) excellence.

What Do You Eat After a Workout? Reader Intelligence Request
1/14/13 10:38 PM

I'm with mosaicwench on the thrift store finds! I work outside doing hiking-intensive fieldwork from the late spring to late fall, so when I see an awesome deal at my local Goodwill, like a moisture-wicking shirt or cargo pants or a nice fluffy flannel, I grab it, whatever the season, since I know I'll trash what I've got already in the near future. And hey, if a vintage wool peacoat comes my way at the Goodwill, I'll take that too : )

When it comes to non-work clothes, though, I have been editing my wardrobe. I think about it like this: if I were to go on a long trip where I could only take my most beloved articles of clothing because that's all I'd have to wear for months, would this item be one of them? We could call it the "Study Abroad Approach to Clothing Curation"! Anything that doesn't make it into the hypothetical suitcase goes in the donation bag. Because if you don't love it enough to wear it over and over, then you should pass it on to somebody who will.

5 Basic Tips for Decluttering Your Closet
1/9/13 12:43 AM