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Here's a picture of how I store mine in a wall/door mount cabinet:

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2/21/14 11:11 PM

I put mine in a door or wall mount display. https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AAAFtGxzKNWrn8gcsQY2Hx-NTmYVCDzNZ02Yypdgfof9BA/12/62076181/jpeg/1024x768/3/1393045200/0/2/Photo%20Feb%2021%2C%2010%2054%2048%20PM.jpg/CVs7r09OoiO7E0M-QxpKdMk08Aq3OJEijDD8iQ0Te9U

Ideas for Storing Nail Polish? Good Questions
2/21/14 10:58 PM

Does that chair actually sit comfortably at that desk? I'd love to have a pretty chair like that at my west elm parsons. Please let us know what it is!

From West Elm to Overstock: Parsons Tables & Desks for All Budgets & Styles
2/24/13 12:50 PM