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Oh give me a break...that's ridiculous. You speak as though everyone is running around in blackface or something. It's a child's birthday party, lighten up!!! They've got kiddie versions of teepees and necklaces and headbands, which are all things that many Native American tribes use. If anything, I think this is a great way to begin to acquaint and interest children in this culture. Once again, its a little kid's birthday party, not luncheon at an Embassy.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Teepee Party
11/7/09 11:02 AM

I think this is a great idea, I just visited a crafts blog that details how to make one of these playhouses that can fit over a table. It's She's been on this site before.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | The Little Blue House
11/6/09 10:46 AM

Wow! I really like the history of this space, and what great use of space an color. I love all the music posters.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Anne's Rock Roll Loft House Tour
11/2/09 12:18 PM

Wow. That orange dining room is HIDEOUS. What a beautiful home though, its a shame the decorating took such a wrong turn...

Apartment Therapy DC | Improving Upon Perfection: Apartment Zero Updates a Jacobsen Classic Washington Spaces Fall 2009
10/11/09 11:13 AM

I'm sure if you or someone close to you knew how to crochet and had an extra 60 hours to spend making a throw blanket, a self-made one would be a good option, but I personally don't. Etsy has some really cute ones, but of course most of them are a lot more expensive than the Ikea throw. I thought this one was close to the Ikea style and affordable, but it's a little smaller and square. It's very cute, and homemade:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Recognize This Blanket? Los Angeles
5/29/09 10:16 AM

This looks like the set of who wants to be a millionaire or some other cheesy television show. I agree with the other posters that the equipment is great, but it is so ridiculous to spend 6 million dollars on everything else but then just put in a 3 seat leather couch and a rinky dink coffee table in the middle of the room. You can't even get seats that recline? Cup holders? It doesn't even look like a place I would want to hang out. I mean, I would just feel uncomfortable encircled with a million gadgets. Speakers that would blast the clothes off people are all good and well, but this is ovvvvv-erkill.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! $6 Million Home TheaterYowza!
5/19/09 06:21 PM

Where did you get the striped blanket on the beige chair, its adorable!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Meg's Collections Memorabilia Tiny Division #55
5/13/09 06:49 PM

This is supposed to be a couch? Looks like chairs covered in bird poop. Big bird poop. Awful!

Apartment Therapy New York | Olivia Lee's "Stream Of Light" Sofa
12/9/08 09:33 PM

When Hurricane Ike hit, I let my neighbors use my generator to keep their fridges going. We all took turns over a two week period. To say thank you, they got me a 350 dollar gift card to a local high end grocery store, it was really nice of them!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | You Think Your Neighbor's Bad?, Part 2 How To Handle Problems and How To Be A Good Neighbor
11/24/08 02:24 PM

Oh how great, why build several houses for people in need when you can just build one! There are SO many people in New Orleans that need housing assistance, and the fact that they're building state of the art houses in an area SURE to be flooded again in an abandoned neighborhood in the worst possible part of town is ridiculous. Make it Right? Really? What are you trying to make right, nature??? Brad Pitt, you're an idiot.

Apartment Therapy DC | Look!: New Green Homes Being Built in New Orleans
11/14/08 07:50 PM

I should add that this works for me because I use magazines that dont have spines... The economist, time, newsweek, usweekly.. it doesnt damage them and works great.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Design Magazine Solution! Austin
10/28/08 10:30 AM

Man.I thought i was really slick when I thought this up! Guess I'm not the only one. I took it a little further and I have four crates of pepsi, sprite, dr. pepper, and coke lined up with magazines in them, and I have each subscription I have in each one, so it actually has a more polished look than this, but same idea

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Design Magazine Solution! Austin
10/28/08 08:17 AM

I love Bostons. The look on its face is PRICELESS

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Dog Toy Fluff... Everywhere!
10/22/08 04:49 PM

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Vomit!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Jenny Kee for Target Australia
10/22/08 07:28 AM

Foot scrapers from ye olden days.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Weird Iron Things in Beacon Hill?
10/22/08 07:26 AM

I love this site so much, I responded to a post with a ton of suggestions from Velocity and I think they are all really great! It's an excellent design website with a lot of fresh ideas!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 4 Things We Love at Velocity Art and Design
10/21/08 02:45 PM

I think that you can still have a modern, crisp look without looking sterile. You seem to want furniture that compliments one another, not stuff that competes for attention. If you want a really colorful KAPOW rug, maybe you should find a great painting for the walls as an inspiration, and pull a favorite color from it for the floor. I think that you can make the room special by adding unique accent pieces throughout, you have a neutral wall color so you can really go crazy with the things you put on it... a stack of colorful art books sitting on an interesting shelf, amazing artwork, photos hung in a way that catches the eye. Its the little things that really make a room your own.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Rug and Tables for Space-Challenged Living Room?
10/21/08 01:38 PM


In addition to the rug I suggested above, Here are a couple of ideas for tables.

This coffee table is modern, light wood, and also has a hidden storage feature:

This is a reasonably priced side table ( choose light ash) that would incorporate the chrome accents of your media stand and lamp:

Round table:

Happy hunting! You've got wonderful pieces and a great space to work with so I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Rug and Tables for Space-Challenged Living Room?
10/21/08 01:09 PM

Velocity Art and Design has some really great rugs, but I think this one in particular works with your color scheme, and would pop without overpowering the room. The 8x10 is 1500 and they also have a round one that looks really neat:

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Rug and Tables for Space-Challenged Living Room?
10/21/08 12:52 PM

Hit up garage sales and flea markets, and keep an eye out for large yearly sales held by churches, schools, or other groups. Not only will you find things you can't get anywhere else, it will save you a ton of money. I go with a group of girlfriends every month, we get coffee and drive around spotting signs and we have a great time! Carpooling saves on gas and makes it an excuse to hang out and shop guilt free. I also recently went to a sample sale, where local gift shops unloaded their samples to make room for their new inventory. I stocked up on greeting cards and got Christmas gifts almost totally covered!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 11 Ways To Save Money At Home, Painlessly
10/20/08 05:48 PM