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I'm using Lenovo mini wireless keyboard w trackball. Model is N5901. It's a handheld keyboard smaller than my ps3 game controller. I like it better than most half size keyboard w touchpad combo for it's small size. The only down side might be the ease of typing.

Wireless Keyboards For Uncluttering the Media Center
10/11/11 08:28 PM

I have read all 3 articles about iOS, Android, and WP7... I own 2 Android phones, 1 iPhone, and 0 WP7 phone... However, Android gave me the worst experience as a phone. Although it's super flexible and powerful, it's also super fragile and slow at times. iOS is quite fluent and after seeing videos about WP7, I think I'm more tempted to try WP7... I thought it'll be my next phone OS to try/use... This was changed after me losing my iPhone 4 in Vegas and I'm pouring everything I have left (after Vegas) to the iPhone 5... WP7, will have to wait I guess!

@chrishelms yah I really like Win8 to be on that Asus Transformer! That would be super cool!

Why I'll Upgrade to the Newest iPhone 5
9/26/11 11:43 PM

We've definitely seen this in Men in Black!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | The Iconic Ovalia Egg Chair: Reissued With More Tech
11/7/08 05:42 PM

definite! I have 2 cats and only 1 loves wires. She destroyed wires of 3-pair of headsets/headphones, and the earphone wire of 2 mini-phones (total loss is about $200).

My other cat, luckily, loves plastic bags and she doesn't bite them, she "tastes" them by licking the bag over and over and over and over again.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Keep Your Kitty Away from Your New iPod
10/20/08 02:28 PM