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Without even considering the fire hazard, all I could think of was how it will be ruined the first time they fry anything! Unless they move it every time they cook (very impractical), or they eat takeout every meal, this just seems like a terrible idea to me. There's bold, and there's "this makes no sense in real life."

Decor Details: Art Hanging in Unexpected Places
3/11/14 01:41 PM

I only hate-watch House Hunters, as almost everyone who appears on that show comes off as completely shallow and horrible. They want the kind the perfect home with the perfect layout in the perfect neighborhood for a starter home price, and they complain about everything from paint colors to bathroom fixtures to the size of the yard. It's fun sometimes to watch just to laugh at the clueless knobs have their dreams shattered as they realize what their budget can actually buy, but as any kind of realistic portrayal of the house hunting process it's pretty far off the mark.

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 04:00 PM

Doge is definitely my favorite meme of the moment.

Currently Trending: Doge Wins the Internet
11/8/13 03:11 PM

Well played, AT. Well played.

Doge Style: Much Tidy Kitchens
11/8/13 03:06 PM

This is big and gaudy and very cheap looking. And since it's foam core, it's going to smash to pieces the first time you elbow it walking up those stairs.

DIY Lighting Idea: Make a Marquee Arrow Sign from Foam Core Hands Occupied
11/7/13 02:06 PM