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Milk is very gross to me. Another mammal's milk for humans is weird. I hate it and always have.

From Child To Adult: Have Your Milk Habits Changed?
8/28/13 04:07 PM

So is this paleo friendly?

Recipe: Sweet & Savory Bacon Jam Recipes from The Kitchn
8/15/13 12:14 PM

Great job. I had expensive pros do my kitchen and I was without ANY kitchen for over three weeks. Very impressive.

Kitchen Before & After: From Dingy White to Warm Wood Reader Kitchen Remodel
7/1/13 01:52 PM

A really great way to save loads of money is to quit buying stuff you don't absolutely need.

Reader Shopping Secrets & Tips: How To Save Money on Just About Anything Reader Intelligence Report
6/25/13 05:10 PM

Surrender. This parenting thing cannot be controlled by preparation. All will be well, relax and take it one day at a time.

The Best Decision I've Made So Far Adventures Of A New Parent
6/17/13 09:37 AM

Nothing opens before 8 Monday to Friday. If you find a 24 hour Tesco it will be empty (staff and shelves). On Sunday trading laws prohibit opening before 11:00. It may appear nice and shiny but scratch the surface and there are many ingredients that you cannot find that would be quite common in the US. In the "International" aisle of most small groceries in the US you can find a pretty good selection of ingredients. Your recipes and cookbooks sometimes look like they are from the future they are so far ahead and I live in London.

Question for Our UK Readers: What's Your Favorite Grocery Store? Reader Survey
6/10/13 02:40 PM

Portia from John Lewis (UK).

Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
5/31/13 05:04 AM

We don't get a summer in London. Picnics sound wonderful.

Summer Fun Tip: Keep a Picnic Pack Ready for Impromptu Outdoor Meals
5/29/13 11:15 AM

18 euros for a pint of 1664 within touching distance of Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Cocktail Threshold: How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Drink?
4/19/13 02:31 PM

Definitely a no from me, too.

A Peek Inside the Home of Designer
Marc Newson Nowness

4/18/13 10:42 AM

Lovely. Absolutely perfect.

Look! A Hot Pink Kitchen Floor Kitchen Inspiration
4/12/13 09:34 AM

Celery is fine for tuna salad but not for egg salad. Otherwise looks delicious.

How To Make Classic Egg Salad Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/5/13 10:09 AM

Had an ikea kitchen for 10 years. It was a great value. The wall cabinets are much deeper than more expensive kitchens so tend to overhang and use up counter space. I spent a heck of a lot more on my new kitchen but storage wise the ikea kitchen was better. Buying the ikea kitchen was a headache which I still remember after all these years.

Are IKEA Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea? Good Questions
4/2/13 09:18 AM

I bought a memory foam pad at Ikea. It is wonderful! It was £140 but saved us from having to buy a new bed.

Bedding Basics: Mattress Pads
3/25/13 10:01 AM

Beware! I have white on the sides of my stairs and every speck of dust shows up. I really liked that carpet but it looks nice afterwards.

Before & After: Jae's Brightened Basement Stairs
3/20/13 03:40 PM

Very nice, but don't the necklaces get dusty?

Pretty Organized: Stylish Necklace Displays
3/13/13 10:31 AM

Do you mean a Cornish pasty? I live in London and I have never seen bread stuffed with anything here. A pasty is a sort of folded over pastry thingee with stuff inside. They are widely available but very heavy and not too healthy.

Recipe Ideas for Savory Stuffed Breads? Good Questions
3/11/13 05:10 PM

I live in London and duvets are about all you can get. I have never seen a top sheet or bedspread used. I buy the Ikea covers and shake them into place in the morning. The Ikea duvets are a slightly different size so their covers work very well for their duvets only. I have never seen or heard of clips to keep anything in place. Wouldn't that be lumpy (possibly painful if you used pins) during the night?

Setting the Tone: Duvet Covers
3/9/13 04:48 AM

What is the alternative to eating at home?

5 Ways To Make Eating at Home Easier
2/26/13 04:06 PM

I love this. How great is your apartment, Jeff?!?! Thanks

Jeff's Tiny Kitchen On a Budget Kitchen Tour
2/26/13 04:03 PM