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Before & After: $40 Thrift Store Find to Darling Play Kitchen
7/5/13 11:58 AM


Best Kids Parties: Save The Bees My Party
6/5/13 06:49 PM

I would have never thought to use paper towel rolls for decoration- great idea! So cute.

Best Kids Parties: Korean Dol My Party
5/17/13 06:17 PM

Gorgeous nursery! I wonder how long those portable Babyletto cribs can be used for? Is there a weight limit? I would love to buy one to take on vacation with our toddler, who is not ready for a big kid bed yet.

Before & After: Closet Turned Nursery
5/17/13 06:16 PM

This is such a nice idea. If one were to plant a tree for a child and then move, perhaps they could take a sapling or seed to grow a new tree, or graft a branch to another tree? There are all sorts of possibilities.

Birth Tree: Would You Plant One?
5/13/13 08:58 AM

I have been wondering how to combine my heirloom pieces with our modern home- this post shows how it's done! Thanks!

Aimee, Rene and Max's Sweet and Sophisticated Family Home House Tour
5/8/13 10:14 AM

Another great birthday theme! I have a feeling that my daughter is going to be a tomboy, so I'm going to keep this idea in my back pocket for when she's older. ;-)

Best Kids Parties: Little Explorer My Party
5/6/13 01:01 PM

I really like that the parties posted on this site are creative and authentic- these may not be the biggest or most outlandish parties, but they are the most genuine and sweet.

Best Kids Parties: Pink Zoo My Party
5/2/13 04:20 PM

That is so sweet- what a cool idea for a party! Very original- I hope you kept some of the decorations for her scrapbook/memory box when she's older. :)

Best Kids Parties: Janelle Monae My Party
5/2/13 04:17 PM

This is the most original party theme that I've come across in a long time. I love it!

Best Kids Parties: Lawn Mower My Party
5/1/13 07:35 PM

Really cute! This room has a very natural flow to it- not contrived and too adult. :)

George's Modern & Vintage Mix My Room
5/1/13 07:31 PM

Yes, keep up the good work- I love this post!

One Design, Two Budgets:
Serene & Airy Kids Room

4/27/13 11:43 PM

The picture of the daughter on the cupcake is absolutely adorable. I will be stealing this idea for future use- thanks! :)

Best Kids Parties: Olivia the Pig My Party
4/21/13 03:40 PM

Chalkboard paint, maybe?

How To Protect Apartment Walls from Bike Tires? Good Questions
4/19/13 02:31 PM

What a cute little boy- he looks so happy! Having an art activity that's also a take home gift is pretty crafty. :)

Best Kids Parties: Trains My Party
4/18/13 11:49 PM

Now THAT'S what I call style on a budget! Nice work!

Gabriel's Dreamy Space My Room
4/11/13 11:09 PM

These are so stinking cute! Any chance you could post an article about inexpensive ways to fill a basket without resorting to sugar? That would be so awesome!

More Fun Finds for Easter Gifts
3/22/13 10:31 AM

Mint! That's a refreshing change of pace!

Nolan's Modern Mint Nursery My Room
3/19/13 09:00 PM

This is great! Please post more non-sugar ideas for Easter!

A Fun, Sweet (but Candy-Free!) Easter Basket
3/19/13 08:58 PM

My heart went pitter-patter when I saw this tour- one of the best I've seen on Apartment Therapy in a long time. Is this home in the Arcadia neighborhood? So cool- I just love it. The outdoor space is amazing- of course- please tell me you have a pool!

And don't be embarrassed about your low ceilings- I have an MCM in N. Phoenix and we all have to deal with that (I'm 5'8" and I can touch my office ceiling with my fingertips). :) Thanks for sharing your home with all of us- it truly is lovely.

Scuba's Open House House Tour
2/7/13 09:31 PM