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When it's time to change out my vacuum cleaner bag, the last thing I do is clean up my toaster. First I slide out the crumb tray *and* shake the toaster upside down over the sink. Then I give the inside a quick once-over with my vacuum's crevice tool. Then I vac up the crumbs that have gathered on the counter beneath the toaster. No more dust, no crumbs. Done.

How to Clean the Toaster Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
2/18/14 05:59 PM

Oh, my gosh, this makes me so homesick. A very, very Richmond home. The Fan, Church Hill, Oregon Hill, Woodland Heights...I miss them all! Thank you for the tour!

Chris & Julie's Sunny Dixie Abode House Tour
6/16/13 07:00 PM