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Hex appeal- in the bathroom! Both the white and grey are lovely!

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10/18/13 10:53 PM

We added a built-in bookcase this January and I was able to work in both my treasures and my precious tomes. One of the most important things when you think about installing a bookcase is to make sure that it is painted with the correct paint- either a hard enamel or acrylic type paint. Latex is terrible- the spines of your books will stick. We built our own bookshelves in the theater room and the DH used latex- I had to line them with silicone-impregnated baking parchment paper to keep crumbling leather bindings from becoming attached to the shelf. I also shelve some of the books with more fragile bindings flat so that they don't get slanted or damaged.

here's the latest shelf:

Living with Lots and Lots (and Lots) of Books? Good Questions
5/8/12 02:53 PM

Generally, no. I do iron a few really wrinkled pillowcases and my quilt fabric. I steam the clothes that need it with a garment steamer (which is the best thing ever for shirts with cuffs) and I use our clothes dryer's steam setting a bunch. But I do love bleach for my white sheets!

Do You Iron Your Bed Sheets?
3/23/12 11:40 AM

This is the general idea:

Seeking Large Mushroom Shaped Container
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11/21/11 01:44 AM

Do you have a big asian grocery store? I second SaraKenobi- the container for all the jello cups are cute and I think there's even a carry handle. Nice because the body is clear and you can see what's inside. Unfortunately I'm out of town for a bit so can't post a pic so you can see!

Seeking Large Mushroom Shaped Container
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11/21/11 01:29 AM

i don't think it's particularly geeky- more Country Living. where's the PS3? the wii? the limited edition letter pressed or hand printed Star Wars art? the ranks of urban vinyl?

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7/7/11 04:10 PM

I've got 3 chinese recipes for you:
white cut chicken, feng cheng honey chicken, and soy sauce chicken.

these 3 are very easy and the soy sauce chicken (a ming tsai recipe) is a one-pot meal.

Good luck!!

Help! I Have Chicken Exhaustion. Got Any Fresh Recipes?
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6/19/11 09:03 PM

How about hanging solar shade/ screens from the ceiling? You should be able to cut it to fit, it will help with energy costs and you won't have to worry about jury-rigging curtain rods. I feel like there was a recent post on that solar fabric on AT lately. Just google, there are a lot of places that sell it by the roll.

Suggest Window Treatments For Tall Industrial Windows?
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6/16/11 10:08 PM

I have a love-hate with my neighbor's incessantly barking dog. He is a really sweet and rather dumb Weimarauner, but has a carrying deep voice. I think it's the RwroooWooWoo that drives me nuts the most. He will bark for hours on end. Hours! I've clocked 8 hours at a stretch. Unfortunately she leaves him out when she goes to work and sometimes doesn't come home until 9 pm.

0.25 of an acre is not enough land to let your dog bark as he pleases, a bark collar would be a simple fix and would please everyone in the neighborhood, but apparently she refuses to do anything about the noise. Oh and I forgot to mention that originally there were 2 of the doggies, but the way the owner tethered them originally, one of them strangled itself with its own leash. The one that is left could be a great dog but needs a LOT of training, of which he's gotten none of. Anyone want a really expensive dog?

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/27/11 07:42 PM

Reminds me of the bug chair on the Other Mother's side in Coraline. Claustrophobic and creepy. Pass, thank you.

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/25/11 08:27 PM

existing not exiting, typo, sorry!

How To Improve Dome Light Fixture In Rental?
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2/17/11 11:52 PM

Get a smaller size pretty paper umbrella from Pearl River, open it up fully, cut off the stem with pruners, and wire it on up there! You can get some wire and a small washer and make a faux lampshade spider that way, just use the exiting finial nut to attach it to the fixture. They ship ^_^ too if you can't get to NYC chinatown. Perfect and a bit Anthropologie.

How To Improve Dome Light Fixture In Rental?
Good Questions

2/17/11 11:51 PM

the biggest glass grapes I ever saw were in August 2008 at the Copia museum in Napa, California!!! here is a link to the grapes via the sculptor's page.

unfortunately when i googled, I found that the Copia museum has since closed.

Collecting & The Windfall: Glass Grapes
9/11/10 10:49 PM

Don't forget the good old diatomaceous earth, I have crawlies in my garage I need to get rid of with this stuff- the cats keep on sneaking out into the garage and catching them and bringing the dead bodies into the house, ugh. Hope I never have to deal with THIS bed pest problem!

A Bedbug By Any Other Name: Cimex Lecularius
8/31/10 09:06 PM

Here is a very interesting controlled experiment on sun damage using both UV and regular glass. Their conclusion was basically that sun is death to artwork. Keep your art out of sun exposure whenever possible. Hope this is useful- I was impressed that the gallery really sacrificed a genuine shin hanga print to this study!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: UV Protection for Artwork?
10/20/08 09:55 AM