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I used Wholesome Sweeteners organic molasses (not a blackstrap) but the cookies were too strong with an overwhelming molasses flavor. They were dark in color, almost black. They look nothing like the pictures you have. They also didn't spread. We weren't fond of them but people at the office ate them anyway.

I used Earth Balance natural shortening.

Winter Recipe: Gingerbread Cake Cookies Recipes From The Kitchn
1/9/14 04:45 AM

The first picture was just so very cool (can't stress that enough!), but the others were so gray and basement/prison feeling. I think that much cinder block would negatively impact my mood. A few years ago I repainted my condo interior from a brick red to a cheerful blue and I instantly became a calmer, happier person, so I suppose I am swayed by design like that and have to be careful.

The projector is a great idea; I have thought about using one here for the highway wall you can see from my windows, though I don't know how my HOA would feel about the old movies I want to show.

(Have to echo the love for Big Ass Fans!)

Neil & Eddie's Amazing Adaptive Reuse Loft House Call
1/4/14 08:15 AM

Every now and then I buy myself some adorable knick-knack or small purse and realize a year or two later that it's still sitting in the closet unused. That's when I wrap it and give it to a niece for Christmas. They probably can't return it, but it's just a <$30 thing anyway. Hey, I'm just an aunt, not Macy's. I am one of those people who gift-shop throughout the year so you probably can't return the thing I bought specifically for you anyway, but at least you know I got a good deal and thought lovingly about you in June, not because I had to but because I like to.

I personally don't care in the least if I receive a regift (in fact I'm thrilled if it all works out because environmentally, it's ideal!) as long as it's a half-decent thing, not just whatever they are pushing as a generic gift for any woman anywhere. I don't get a ton of presents, but most of the ones I get that I don't like go to Goodwill within the week. .

I don't mind getting a book that you already read or a fitness DVD you already tried out; that way we can talk about it. You can tell me it's a regift; I'm thrifty too. I like that about you. No worries.

But Reeal mentioned what it's like to receive gifts outside your ethics code, and I did experience that this year. Two people who have known I'm vegan (for well over a decade) must have felt compelled to include me in their homemade cookie baking deliveries, so I got a LOT of non-vegan cookies and pastries. I found ways to give them away, but it was difficult because people are wary anymore over cookies that weren't baked by someone they know personally. I'd so much rather have gotten a card in the first place. Sometimes people don't know what is and isn't vegan, of course, but that wasn't the case.

Apartment Therapy’s Guide to Regifting
1/3/14 06:45 AM

Very grateful not to see another austere mod baby room here.

A Room to Grow for Elia My Room
1/2/14 09:43 AM

Maxwell's Daily Find, found on a day seven months ago

White Enamel Flatware by Variopinte
12/28/13 10:37 AM

LOL that someone asked six months ago whether this were an old repost. I imagine the links worked at one time.

Hairpin Legs
12/27/13 11:28 AM

Looking at them all together makes me ponder a "which came first" style of query: are attractive people naturally drawn to this field or are the people drawn to this field just more aware of how to make themselves more attractive.

Let's Chat: Designer & Maker Q&As Best of 2013
12/26/13 12:19 PM

all these pictures are great. Every one of them.

At Home With Jackie, Louis, and Atticus Apartment Therapy Readers & Their Pets
12/24/13 11:03 AM

Handsome and lucky little guy!

At Home With Adrienne & Angus Apartment Therapy Readers & Their Pets
12/21/13 05:57 PM

I once read an article of some big food journal that ran around NYC trying to determine which bagel shop served the best bagel, once and for all, out of all the most beloved bakeries. They came back with the conclusion that most of them had terrific bagels. The key was getting one while still warm. They were all awesome if you did. And then they were all just pretty good once cooled.

Why I Ordered Bagels All the Way from Montréal: Merry Christmas to Me!
12/20/13 04:51 PM

Ya know, if your mom will enjoy the wine, I'd go for the wine.

Stocking Stuffers (that Aren't Socks) Small Gifts Guide
12/19/13 05:15 PM

They make a peel-n-stick chalkboard tree. I just worry this one will be hard to paint over later.

How To Make a Christmas Tree with Chalkboard Paint
12/19/13 04:30 PM

I'm not even signing up for most of the AT giveaways anymore. It's nearly all modern furniture. I'll leave it to someone who would appreciate it.

Enter for a Chance to Win: Elko Credenza from Horne Holiday Giveaway
12/19/13 01:04 PM

This is filed under "Design News," but I think it should be filed under "we want more hits to sell more ads" news.

Fake Babies for Discounts? Amazon Mom is an Honor System Design News 12.19.13
12/19/13 01:03 PM

plenty of vegan cookbooks and websites out there! Just sub almond or coconut milk when/if they call for soy. You might in particular check out Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. But you don't need to buy anything -- there's plenty of online vegan recipes.

Suggestions for Cookie Recipes Without Milk, Eggs, or Soy? Good Questions
12/18/13 04:59 PM

Wow, that looks like it came that way. Good job! The tufting is great.

I also agree with Birch. Any time I've ever tried dying anything, it's needed more dye than the package says.

Before & After: From Dark and Dated to a Daring Dyed Sofa
12/18/13 11:26 AM

I once saw Martha Stewart make a very charming arrangement in one of those clementine crates, but you hardly see those crates anymore.

Bang For Your Buck: Styling Supermarket Flowers on any Budget
12/18/13 04:05 AM

I just would like to see a colorful ribbon or something on them. It's just too stark for me, especially if for kids' gifts. It reminds me of when someone gives you something at the office and uses the printer paper.

Goodbye Gift Tags: Make Personalized Wrapping Paper
12/17/13 08:29 PM

looks good!

Before & After: A Color-Lovers' Cabinet
12/17/13 12:50 PM

great job, love the base

Before & After: A Red Retro Chair Evolution
12/16/13 03:08 PM