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I've used the tube covers in an office before. The change feels subtle- You don't notice the difference at first, but they somehow take the edge off.

Replacement For Fluorescent Light In Office?
Good Question

1/27/11 07:00 PM

Ok, Ok
I was going to let let everyone say their piece, but you guys need to let the dresser go. I don't know if the before photo did this dresser too much justice, but it was really in bad shape and I don't see it surviving one more move. It falls apart and I have to put it back together every time. The drawers are hard to open so they are only good for things you will need every once and awhile. If it was in great or even good shape, I would have sold it to someone who likes that sort of thing. I don't believe in keeping furniture around that isn't functional and you don't enjoy, just because it is an "antique" ... or old.

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2/26/09 12:21 PM