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Thank you for the laugh. Great story.

Can You Really Use a Pillowcase to Dry Lettuce? Putting Tips to The Test in The Kitchn
7/18/14 06:06 PM

A thousand times YES! Gorgeous kitchen.

Before & After: Chris' Timeless Not Trendy Remodel The Big Reveal
7/16/14 04:40 PM

Can't wait! I love the IKEA catalog. I live to just sit there for a while and go through everything like a little kid at Christmas.

IKEA 2015 Catalog Sneak Peek: Stylists' Ideas Worth Stealing
7/16/14 04:12 PM

I just want to live there. That is all! (:

Lee & Thor's Dynamic Domicile House Tour
7/15/14 05:58 PM

*by the neck*

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Farmers Market Farmers Market Etiquette
7/9/14 04:05 PM

I second that on the autistic child. I have an autistic child and there are certain places I would not bring him to, but there are others that I do. I'm not going to keep my kid locked up in a cage because people do not know how to deal with the public.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Farmers Market Farmers Market Etiquette
7/9/14 04:01 PM

It is absolutely lovely!

Kitchen Before & After: From Grungy Ho-Hum to Minty Fresh! Kitchen Remodel
7/8/14 12:04 PM

WHOA! I want that house, especially that kitchen!

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/7/14 05:03 PM

I really like this a lot. Great creativity.

Before & After: A Sideboard Gets Diagonal Color for a Dining Room!
7/6/14 05:10 PM

This is such an awesome result - I love it.

Before & After: From Stale Stereo to Sassy Sideboard
7/6/14 03:53 PM

I usually do NOT post negative or snarky comments, but reading this, I got a little angry. I can understand that a cookie cutter house is boring and perhaps you are not allowed to make any changes, BUT you are moving because your husband is brave enough to fight for this country. He is certainly a better person than I could ever be when it comes to the military. I'm chicken shit and could never do that. Secondly, there are people without a roof over their heads and you are probably getting this house for free, so please do not complain. Use your furniture and temporary color to make it home.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 09:22 PM

Navy blue is not my color, but wow, this is really gorgeous and made all the white pop.

Kitchen Before & After: A White Rental Kitchen Gets a Bold Color Kitchen Remodel
7/2/14 09:13 PM

Listen, you CANNOT show fabulous pics like this and not have a complete house tour. Make it so! (:

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/2/14 08:51 PM

Yes and Yes a thousand times. That "after" is luscious.

Before & After: What To Do With A Grimy Garage Sale Side Table
7/1/14 10:25 PM

This looks just luscious!

A Casual & Eclectic Guesthouse Professional Project
6/30/14 06:35 PM

Absolutely gorgeous "after".

Before & After: A Compact, Updated Kitchen for a Family of 5 Professional Project
6/30/14 05:49 PM

Beyond freakin' awesome!

Ashley's Soft Industrial Artist Loft House Tour
6/30/14 05:39 PM

FABULOUS post and many people need to read it over and over again. I have IKEA stuff and love it and hate people who say "well just save money to buy a $5,000 chair, etc.". I don't want to OR cannot and choose to use my money towards mortgage, groceries, etc. Just because I cannot afford or choose not to save for something so ridiculously overpriced does not make my home any less gorgeous.

Your Home, Your Choice: 10 Home Explanations You Don't Owe
6/29/14 03:24 PM

It looks lovely. I really like it. And it if makes you feel great, don't worry about people who have negative things to say and cannot spell to boot.

Before & After: A Corner Work Space Gets a Striped & DIY Update
6/28/14 11:49 PM

I usually will buy my invites, not make them, but I ALWAYS send out paper invites. I think it's more personal and I agree that people usually like getting invites in the mail instead of bills! HA!

Send Out Paper Invitations for Your Next Party: 4 Reasons Why Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/28/14 11:18 PM