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We had a chatty Himalayan that would "sing" throughout the night. When he passed away last year, our senior Siamese took over. Even though we have another cat, the only thing that gets her to stop the incessant howling is having foster cats in the house. And she doesn't even LIKE the foster cats. Must be something about them serving as a buffer between her and our other cat, who is a bit of a jerk. The howling always resumes when we are between fosters. Oh well, at least we are helping save lives and our sanity.

How To Keep Pets from Waking You Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 02:21 PM

Air freshening sprays, dryer sheets, plug ins, and even a large number of essential oils can be extremely dangerous to indoor pets, including fish. And probably people, too - I mean, think about it - you are pumping chemicals into the air that you then breathe in. (Bummer, b/c I love scenty things, but I love my pets more.)

Big List of Tips for a Less-Stinky Home: How to Manage Pet Odors
3/7/14 12:03 PM

I do red beans and brown rice (steamed with finely chopped kale and spinach), doused in a smokey hot sauce with a couple of fried eggs on top, yolks busted open and oozing all over the rice. Served with some fresh fruit and veg and it is a wonderfully satisfying meal!

Put an Egg On It: My Favorite Way to Make a Meal Out of Nothing Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
2/26/14 02:27 PM

I will agree that many diaper bags are pretty over the top, but we love our Holly Aiken bag - stylish, durable, and can be repurposed after we finish with it in a couple of years. The changing roll is the best feature!

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/11/14 11:07 AM

Feed the cats and make the coffee. Then, enjoy a rare moment of quiet, drinking my coffee while checking email and a few websites and indulging in some solitaire while ignoring pleas from the cats to cuddle or be let out. Sneak in some exercise or housework, then rouse the toddler and husband and get ready for the work/daycare day. Even though we have been blessed with a relatively late-sleeping child, the cats make sure I am up early on weekends too. Thankfully, I am a morning person. And lucky for them, I am an animal person... :)

Morning Routine: What's the First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?
10/22/13 02:26 PM

I am a picky eater - I choose not to eat meat/poultry, but I also *hate* vegetables (but I love almost every kind of fruit). I am getting better about the veg though and over the years have been working to expand my palette. I also have always hated eggs of any kind, but after about three years of owning chickens as pets, I trained myself to eat eggs and now I love most kinds (still can't do hard boiled/deviled). Next up: raw tomatoes.

Can You Learn to Love the Foods You Used to Hate?
5/23/13 04:12 PM