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I have hand plastered ceilings in the living rooms and dining rooms of my 1940s kit house. They are copies of the original ceilings, and were done by hand by one of the few remaining master plasterers in my area. Each room has a rosette at the center and then a pattern that spirals out from there. The ceilings are a little higher than the modern normal, and they do need to be dusted occasionally, but they are really fun to look at.

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7/11/14 05:16 PM

Although they look nice, I can't imagine how often you would have to clean a mirror over the sink or the stove. All the grease splatters from cooking and water spots, ick.
I've considered putting a mirror up opposite the windows in my kitchen to help make it feel brighter, but that is on a wall without any countertops or cabinets.

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3/2/14 05:06 PM