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Do you have a picture of the couch? It would be helpful to see the style and shade of red...

Colors to Suit a Red Sofa in an All-White Beach Cottage? Good Questions
7/15/13 08:27 AM

I use the SPG Amex - between my husband and I, we can usually get 5 nights free a year in a lot of their hotels. That just leaves airfare + incidentals and makes it a lot more affordable.

Planning the Perfect Vacation: Tips For Saving Up For Your Trip
7/9/13 10:50 PM

I thinking mixing leathers is fine as long as they are in the same color tone...that said, the couch is a lot more traditional than the chair. Different styles + different leathers will be harder to work with than say, same style + different leathers. But I'm sure you can pull it off :-)

Can I Mix Different Leathers in One Room? Good Questions
6/13/13 08:56 AM

If you can, I would add some round throw pillows with a printed fabric. This will help break up all the rectangles in the room and also add patterned texture.

Also consider a round coffee table, perhaps glass or some other wood than the cherry. All your wood tones are very similar, adding in a complementary tone or iron/glass might help add more texture as well.

If you can even paint just one accent wall, I think adding a warm greyish-tan (there's one called Mount Rushmore I like) would really help anchor the wall with the sagging fabric...which I would either hang with a rod or replace. Replacing it with something more saturated or patterned may help.

Decor for Making My Furnished Living Room More Inviting? Good Questions
6/11/13 07:03 PM

Might be the lighting, but their white shelves make a sharper contrast than yours against the black...

Apartment Therapy on Copying to Learn Renovation Diary
6/11/13 11:55 AM

Love, love, love.

Quick question - how tall are your ceilings?

Kimberly's Second Floor Space Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 11:08 AM

In case anyone reads the reviews, I have a Simmons Pillowtop Classic Ultra Plush (or something along those lines) and it's still in excellent condition after 5 years and 3 moves. No sagging here, and I'm a 160 lbs and the husband is 190 lb. :-)

How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
5/23/13 11:16 PM

Wait - is there a kitchen/dining table? Or am I missing it?

Love the colors!

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:56 PM

How did you hang the curtains for the sleeping nook?

Elizabeth's All the Space in the World Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 12:31 PM

This is precisely why I prefer to buy used and will wait patiently to find the appropriate piece.

The High and Low Prices of Our Furniture Apartment Therapy On...
5/13/13 01:37 PM

Oh, how did you make the mirror? Love it!

Kacey's DIY Decor Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 06:24 PM

Don't forget to google for the promo code - nearly all stores have a code out there for 5-15% off. Sometimes it's linked to signing up for their email list, but it's worth it to save the extra $$$. (Just unsubscribe later).

Shopping Secrets: 7 Ways to Get the
Look for Less

5/7/13 02:31 PM

@AmandaN - nope, I think the wine fridge works there because it's easy access from the dinner table. And if you flipped it, then you would have the bar chairs facing away from the dining table. I prefer when seating in a small place looks towards each other, easier to converse/entertain.

Love the white on white!

Before and After: Kyle's Kitchen Remodel
3/4/13 02:43 PM

Cheap cookware that has worked wonderfully well:

Lodge Pizza stone/cookie sheet/roasting pan - it's about $30 on amazon and is essentially a big round slab of cast iron with raised edges. It has replaced all my roasting pans/cookies sheets/pizza stone needs - the cast iron browns everything evenly. Truly awesome.

Old Cast Iron Skillet - around 60+ years old from a flea market. I use it instead of non-stick, pan meals, etc. I'm thinking it was probably $20ish - more expensive than you would think, but an older brand that actually made a "lighter" cast iron.

Cuisinart Immersion Blender/Food Processor/Whisker - amazing $39 that will puree your soups, chop your veggies, blend your pestos, and whip your salad dressings. Works amazingly well and definitely cheaper than Beville, etc.

Cheap cookware that has not:

Hand-held mixers - burned through 3 of these in my early twenties. All cheaper models, probably $15-25 from Wal-Mart. None of them could keep up with my cookies and all smoked out and died. Replaced with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, basically feel like super woman every time I turn it on.

Cheap grocery store skillets - non-stick or aluminum, these have warped/scratched/died. Currently using cast iron, going to go with Cuisinart triply next. (Mid-tier over budget or lux in this category).

Cheap Knives - even those that were supposed to be better brands found at T.J. Maxx, they always turned dull/unresponsive/one time the handle even broke off. (Cutting up a chicken).

Best expensive purchases:

- Sous set of Wusthof knives. $149 at WS, which means about $30/piece in the set. Amazing. Going to get a bread knife eventually, but no need yet.

- Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I wanted one NOT made in China. I appreciate the quality of the brand and I have LOVED cooking in it.

- Kitchenaid Stand Mixer - see problems above I had with hand helds.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Not-As-Good-As-Le-Creuset Dutch Oven
3/1/13 06:06 PM

If you use things frequently, then they stay dust free...

The Neatest, Tightest, Most Organized Small Kitchen Shelves We've Ever Seen Small Kitchen Inspiration
3/1/13 05:18 PM


Before & After: Samna Transforms a Studio in 5 Days
2/21/13 12:03 PM

This one is somewhat tough. I would say adding flowers in vintage vases and softening up the couch/chair with throw pillows/throws. I know you don't want to replace now, but I do think that the first thing to replace when you do is the couch. Don't forget that you can craigslist the couch for $, which can then be used to get the new, more vintage sofa...I changed up my dining table style with a net investment of only $50 this way.

Help Incorporating Contemporary Furniture with My Vintage Style? Good Questions
11/26/12 08:24 AM

Hi! In case anyone checks this, I want to try this recipe for Thanksgiving. However, I am I purchased 2 turkey legs (thigh attached to the drumstick) and 1 breast (to split into 2 halfs)...How long would you could just 2 legs prior to putting in the breasts? Still 2 hours? Or reduce that temperature?

Recipe Review: Mark Bittman's Braised Turkey
11/19/12 10:07 AM