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love, love, love the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #24: Christine's Colorful Budget Cottage
10/19/08 05:37 AM

wow...thank you so much for the amazing and positive feedback! totally sweet!
i am going to try to respond to everyone's queries in one response.
kate (nc): i do not aspire for a career in catering or the arts, the 2 detail photos that have food are from an engagement party i hosted. as for collecting - b/w my love for flea markets and my inability to just own one version of something i adore - i have amassed an absurd collection of objects from the past.
aimi: my pez have always remained standing, i guess they're obedient.
ange_lune: your assessment is brilliant! my friends have already started quoting you.
1) yes, i was on hgtv's small space big style a few years ago. surprisingly, my episode was about color.
2) the pink chandelier was purchased at abc carpet and home in nyc. they have a fantastic array of lighting fixtures.

once again, thank you all for your awesome observations and comments. i love bright colors (obviously) so incorporating them into my living space was never an issue. you should always surround yourself w/ what you love. xxoo.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #77: Jeanie's Candy Colored World
10/18/08 07:02 AM