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Whenever we go out in public (zoo, museum etc..) I always write our phone number on the inside of kids arms along with my name. How scary for these parents! So glad he was ok - smart little boy for staying so cool and calm!

Tottoos (And How My Child Got Lost)
8/25/11 07:23 PM

Could you fill us in on paint colors? Beautiful space, I especially love the bathroom tiles. =)

Dan & Sarah's Bright Modern Cottage
House Tour

8/3/10 06:04 PM

Sad. I think the before was better.

Before & After: DIY Fireplace Makeover
Mint Demode

7/31/10 11:17 AM

I just saw in the new Pottery Barn Kids Catalog a oversize ruler that has three oversize clothes pins attached to it to hang on the wall. They want $49 for it plus shipping but I'm going to make my own version. I think it will be great to have one for each of our children to keep track of homework/art projects etc... but you could use it to organize just about anything!

Options for Home Organization Wall System?
Good Questions

7/29/10 03:47 PM


Jessie's Vintage Modern Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/24/10 09:40 PM

So beautiful - love it all! I love the alcove - I want one!!

Small Cool 2010: Natalie's Alcove Studio Teeny Tiny Division #2 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/6/10 08:47 PM

I'm with saranoelle! Can you tell us the B.Moore paint colors you used? Well done!

Small Cool 2010: Kendra's Deco / Disco Little Division #2 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/6/10 08:37 PM

So cute! Love it! Hello from Rapids!!

Nicole David's Comfortable Balance House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/4/10 03:25 PM

I read AT regularly and don't remember this... and I don't think I could have forgotten it! LOL This is FANTASTIC! What a great example of what a little elbow grease, some fabric and paint can do. Bravo!

Darby Conquers a Dated Orange Bathroom And lives to tell the tale | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/11/10 07:51 PM

I love the built in bunkbeds with the shelves! I wonder if the drawers underneath are trundles or storage.

10 Bedrooms by S.R. Gambrel | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 12:38 AM

if that was supposed to make me read this article it had the opposite effect.

5 Places To Use A Rubber Stamp In The Bedroom | Apartment Therapy DC
1/13/10 09:25 PM has saved my home from CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) Flylady is great and I highly recommend her methods of doing a little at a time to keep your house clean ALL the time. I didn't think it was possible but I thought, hey I'll give it a try and sure enough, it works. Check the site out! They even have a section of just for men.

The Single Life: Finding the Motivation To Clean | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 09:58 AM

Love the view!!!

Brian Riccardo's Lower East Side Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/7/09 11:46 PM

You have to be careful with the potted Christmas trees if you live in a cold climate. Once you have brought it inside, if you just stick it back outside it can kill the roots and it won't live if replanted. Better to keep it inside all winter and reintroduce it to the outdoors in the spring or summer.

The Ultimate Eco-friendly Christmas Tree | Apartment Therapy DC
12/2/09 09:46 PM