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Our kids' school doesn't allow peanut butter due to allergies, so our family has used a variety of alternative butters - soy nut butter, pea butter, sunflower butter... our favourite so far is the pea butter, but that's likely because it has icing sugar in it, which isn't so great. They're all actually pretty decent - our 3, 6 and 9 year olds don't mind them at all and enjoy being able to have the typical celery with pb, pb and jam type foods at school without breaking the rules. One tip - inform the school that you are NOT sending peanut butter, because they look the same and teachers might freak at the sight!

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3/10/10 02:54 PM

this could also be done with essential oils, which there are a huge variety of, and often they are quite calming to the senses - an added bonus for that mom who's trying to cook dinner and tidy up!

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2/19/10 01:00 PM

I don't comment often, but we have a pea pod and love it. Not sure where the rest of you are located, but we use the pea pod not so much for travel, when our son just sleeps with us, but for camping and for our backyard and the beach when we wanted him to be able to nap without the sun, mosquitos and sand getting to him. The mesh is UV treated and fine enough to keep out nasty insects. We used it more when he was an infant through about 2 years old.

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1/18/10 02:39 PM

I've only posted on the site once before, but I feel compelled to share with you that I've read that it can be harmful to sleep close to electronic devices such as computers. It is recommended by some to sleep at least 3 feet in all directions from electrical outlets as well. Personally, I'd steer clear of having baby close to any ongoing source of power. Of course, you can research that on your own if you feel you'd like to do so.

My husband and I used an Arms Reach co-sleeper that attaches to the side of the bed and it was wonderful, as I could nurse in the nights without dragging my butt out of bed! Due to space limitations, we have now purchased wardrobes and made a dividing wall out of them to divide our room into two "rooms" for us and our son. We're still looking for ideas of how to create a type of wall on the back side of the wardrobes so we can hang some posters or make a chalkboard wall or something for our little guy.

Hope this is helpful! Good luck!

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11/4/08 01:00 PM

Oops... sorry about that. Here's the link:

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10/17/08 07:13 PM

My husband and I worked on a similar project while we were living in Guatemala. It was a recycled bottle mini greenhouse to start seedlings. The bottles were collected by children at some nearby schools and then assembled by us and the previous volunteer coordinators at the farm we were on. See the link for photos and instructions.

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10/17/08 07:12 PM