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I love the house, especially the way you converted the entry way. I live in Philly for many years and understand the difficulty of making those townhouses in to your own place.

Now I am definitely not trying to hate but I have to ask why you have carpet? Even in the kitchen? Is it noise reduction?


Krista Zak's Philadelphia Art Hotel House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
6/5/10 12:56 PM

i've seen worse. long live punk houses

The Messiest Homes from TV Film | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/20/10 03:53 AM

i'm pretty impressed and excited for the new catalogue. been jaded on ikea for a little while now and this looks refreshing. plus i can not in any way afford anthropologie so knock-offs make me happy

Can You Guess the Company Behind this Ad Campaign? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/19/10 09:52 PM

Apartment Therapy is going to have to add Philadelphia. I can feel it! But since I live in New Orleans now, I've decided to start a campaign for NOLA instead, although I'm sure 'There Something Hiding in Here' is unbeatable no matter where you are.

Inside 5 Philadelphia Homes House Tour Roundup | Apartment Therapy DC
5/14/10 05:42 AM

Flat-screen in a gold museum frame. Way to achieve the dream #5.

Mixing Styles in a Small Space | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/30/10 02:59 PM

unbelievably tasteful and beautiful. too bad it's only for the ungodly rich

Preview: Mitchell Gold Bob Williams High Point 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/30/10 02:36 PM

great use of space and closet systems. the industrial style of the closet made out of pipes matches the apartment but it's softened by the art, plants, and instruments.

can you share the name of the program you used to make your apartment diagram?


Small Cool 2010: Thomas's Larger-Than-Life Broccoli Teeny Tiny Division #33 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/23/10 09:24 PM

i am in the middle of a very similar project and would really love to see then inside of the cabinet. any chance you'd want to e-mail some more pics? contact me at

Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #7 - Moving On | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/18/10 04:22 PM

did you make the bed? and where did you get the bedspread?

thanks! it all looks great.

Small Space Solution: Rethink The Floorplan | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/17/10 01:25 PM

it reminds me of the apartments in a clockwork orange.

The Family Home of Architect Ernö Goldfinger Small Space Inspiration | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/15/10 01:52 AM

you got that couch for $100! i'm going to cry.

Small Cool 2010: Jessica's Dramatic Beautiful Books Little Division # 9 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/14/10 03:05 AM

desk desk desk desk desk!

Erin Ben's Toothpaste Factory Loft House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
4/12/10 12:25 PM

man, i wish the guys i dated apartments looked like this.....not that it's perfect or anything but as far as a 'bachelor pad' this guy is leagues ahead of many others.

couch source? is that one of the urban mcm reproductions?

Small Cool 2010: Lawrence's Spectacular Sun Rise Tiny Division #6 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/8/10 06:38 PM

this is great because i have been struggling with this very problem and have done tons of apartment therapy searches looking for help.

now the time has come.

there is simply no other place in my house for my 'office' except for my bedroom. i'm working on acquring a desk (recently moved) which should help but i just don't have ability to create a dainty little desk for my laptop and some pens.

i need to get all my officy type things organized in there!

so if anybody has any ideas or pictures please please please send them my way.

Creating Space For An Office... In The Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/8/10 01:31 AM

carpet? carpet! ncnovice, judes, and madsarah pretty much nailed it otherwise.

Zooey Deschanel's Blue Studio Domino | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/5/10 12:57 AM

Another argument for an AT: Philadelphia????

Erin Chris' Fantastic Fishtown Fixer Upper House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
1/22/10 02:14 PM

can anybody identify that tent?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Camping With the Comforts of Home: What's Your Style?
7/25/09 08:25 AM

love love love love love! gorgeous, class, mostly functional too! i wish my boyfriend was as dedicated and handy!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Martha Jeff's Period Piece New York
7/23/09 12:03 AM

best. house. ever.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Jon Brooks' Home: A Sculptor’s Handmade Retreat New Hampshire
7/17/09 05:31 PM

I drink it straight up. Also, I have but it in Bloody Mary's which is also delicious.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Can I Do With Leftover Pickle Juice? Good Question
7/8/09 01:04 PM