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So, maybe the most random comment so far, but... I didn't know there was already a Vivian Maier book in existence! I'm very excited about this.
Splendid job on the apartment. I love it all. But without Finn, of course, it would be nothing. ;)

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/22/14 01:36 PM

so great! well done!

Ari's Emerald & Gold, Land & Sky Nursery My Room
7/2/13 09:44 AM

Y'all are precious. Can't even handle it.

Briana & Dominic's Beautiful Bungalow House Tour
6/27/13 12:37 PM

super cute home and family!

Jenna & Jeremy’s Handmade Row House House Tour
4/23/13 12:54 PM

Ack! I'm in love with that dog. And that couch. And the chair, too. And the bedspread. Well... heck.
Where did you get the bedspread?

Sirima's Vintage Industrial Artist's Loft House Tour
4/17/13 11:51 AM

SO cute!

Before & After: Ashley's Pantry Makeover DOMESTIC IMPERFECTION
4/11/13 12:10 PM

seriously, that first bed... *drool*

Jenny Lind Style: Adult-Sized Spindle Beds
3/12/13 11:44 AM

Loveliness! I'd love to know where you got the bedspread... even though I can only see a hint of it, i WANT IT.

Marianne's Playful Vintage Mix in Melbourne House Tour
3/7/13 10:58 AM

are you kidding me with that baby?
and i love how the dog is all, "did you get my good side?"
and oh, yeah, the house is freaking awesome.
i'll be looking at this tour every day for a week, at least.

Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend House Tour
2/28/13 12:22 PM

Ken Robinson's book "The Element" (based on his very popular Ted Talk) explores this subject of kids and creativity. It's a great read.

Are Children No Longer Creative? Tips for Raising Open & Questioning Kids
2/26/13 01:41 PM

Beautiful little apartment! Where'd ya get that fabulous blue bedspread?

Alejandro's Lower Haight More for Less House Call
2/25/13 10:19 AM

I'd also love to know about the art/collage in the kitchen? A polaroid grid? Looks cool!

Ross's Cozy Modern Home in Midtown House Tour
1/22/13 10:51 AM