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Buy this immediately before I do! Pillows and throws are your friend here, though I like this pink and actually think it's quite modern. I think it will go phenomenally with your theme and you can style it up to lend itself even more to your style and, if you're not yet convinced, to cover up a bit of the pink!

Do I Love this Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough? Good Questions
3/25/14 08:01 AM

My couch (featured on AT a few months ago: cost about $1500 between fabric, labor and a new cushion.

How Much Did it Cost to Reupholster Your Sofa?
1/30/14 09:50 AM

So many great comments! As for an in room shot, I'm in the process of moving so all you'll see right now is boxes. But I plan on posting a full living room photo in the coming weeks; be sure to check it out!

My upholsterer is Colleen White of Timber and Cloth in Brooklyn. She's a one woman show and does incredible, speedy and affordable work. Her website is here:

I cannot recommend her enough!

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 01:30 PM

Hey Everybody!

Thanks for the sweet words, I appreciate them! As far as bed bugs, this piece was on Long Island, outside of the city bed bug radius, so I wasn't too nervous. And as for now, the insides were totally gutted since the cushions were likely original and had seen better days so I feel safe to say we are starting off clean. But on top of that, what the heck are we going to do? SIt on plastic covered furniture? Bed bugs are a part of New York City life (unfortunately). I intend to keep having fabulous upholstered furniture wherever I live!

As for cost, between the sofa, two UHauls, gas, upholstery, a new cushion, and authentic mudcloth, everything came out to about $1600. This sounds like quite a bit, but for me it was worth it! I will love this couch forever, so really it's priceless!

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 10:41 AM