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the last place i lived, in the mission district of san francisco, definitely had slugs inside (and was definitely falling apart...). rather than going out and buying up some copper sheeting, lay a line of pennies across any threshhold that you want to protect. it's not like you were going to ever use that jar of pennies, anyhow...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Slugs!
4/24/09 05:06 PM

definitely use the laptop in -- iTunes and firefox are constantly running... i learned from my dentist an easy way to make it safe(ish): lay a sheet of plastic wrap over your laptops keyboard. in the event of a spill, this will add a couple seconds to your available reaction time, and it will protect from incidental splashes and such.

alternatively, there's always the touchbook. just slap it up on the fridge until you're done cooking, along with the plastic wrap over the touchscreen.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Laptops in the Kitchen: What Do You Think?
3/23/09 02:46 PM

in college, moving half a block down and across the street into a new apartment. by myself. without a vehicle...

the hardest part was moving the futon mattress: too thick to fold into quarters, but too floppy just thrown over a shoulder with the ends drooping the ground and dragging on the asphalt...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single & Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 02:32 PM

i'd have to go with the soundtrack to "pi" -- clint mansell does an excellent job with the score (excerpted therein) and the rest of the collection is beyond reproach. this one introduced me to both massive attack and aphex twin, two bands well worth the effort.

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10/17/08 12:56 PM