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The house pictured is just up the street from me! I always thought it was adorable - never even thought of it as a "spite house!"

Spite Houses: Where Would You Build One, And Why?
1/2/14 01:33 PM

I love this! My apartment is about the same size & also a duplex, but your layout is SO much better than mine. Jealous!

Laura's Tiny Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 10:29 AM

GAH. My apartment is also 550 square feet - split over 2 floors. It pains me how much bigger this apartment looks/seems/feels than mine does (although my bedroom is much bigger).

Joan & Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
3/29/13 04:02 PM

I had this same problem - my living room is TINY! I ended up going with a trunk from Target - it's a dark wicker material that is a good amount smaller than a regular sized coffee table. I bought a sheet of glass online to make it more functional. It's the perfect solution for me, because not only is it small, but it adds some extra storage space, which is a HUGE plus!

Here's the link:

Another option I really considered was getting 2 smaller footstool/ottoman type things, like this:

In the end, I went with the trunk because it was cheaper (it was $80 when I bought it, but now it's only $64!) and because, as I mentioned, it enhanced the severely limited storage I have in my apartment.

Hope that helps!

Best Size for a Coffee Table or Ottoman in Tiny Living Room? Good Questions
2/25/13 03:06 PM