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Fondue! Everyone loves delicious, melty cheese and a variety of dip-able sides. I like to bring potatoes (roast them in the wood stove), pickles, apples, pre-cut veggies of all kinds (but again, you can always roast them too), sausages, and bake bread once we get to the the cabin.

Hot chocolate with fresh toast or oatmeal is my breakfast staple.

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12/30/09 05:13 PM

I love the idea, and the additional space surrounding the TV. HOWEVER- the lovely, color coded books and geometric nature of the case makes me REALLY want to center that TV and DVD player.

Please, please center! My OCD can't take it!

11/13/08 04:36 PM

Ok, embarassingly enough....

The Phil Collins soundtrack for Disney's Tarzan is awsome. Give it a private listen on your earbuds someday.

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10/17/08 12:14 PM