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It's a potato/vegetable grater for potato pancakes. My mom still uses hers.

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1/8/14 01:33 AM

All I can say is don't waste your money on a fake-o version. I bought one for 150 and it fell apart within a month. eh.

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9/19/11 06:55 PM

I second the brunswick stew. yummmmm!!

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7/13/11 08:08 PM

omg.... I'm in love.

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7/20/09 03:56 PM

Chickens are messy and a lot of work, but unless they carry the Bird flu quiltmaster, I wouldn't say that they are a plague. I have a small flock and live in LA.

Eggs totally gross me out now (chickens have one hole, btw) but it's nice to have organic free range eggs. I'm not sure if my neighbors all hate me but the kids on the block like to come over and hang out with the chickens.

Just keep in mind that they will scratch and peck at your garden beds, the poop (although excellent fertilizer) attracts flies and smells bad and they molt 1 or 2x a year so feathers are everywhere and you have naked chickens.

Also, from experience I don't recommend hatching fertile eggs .... you don't always get a 50/50 ratio of hens to roosters.

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11/13/08 07:10 PM


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vintage eclectic

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