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Your neighbor offered you a gift. You sneered at your neighbor's home. This is ugly behavior and far worse than having a not-up-to snuff housekeeping standard. This is untidy in a much deeper area.

5 \"French Women\" Strategies for a Healthy Home
7/26/14 07:43 AM

I had that type of pine board paneling and it would be a real shame to paint it. I didn't paint mine. Mine was in a cottage at a lake and I inherited the d├ęcor from a decorator and kept some of her adaptations. at least until they wore out. She had decorated the living room and den (with the paneling) in scarlet red accents. The non-paneled walls were wallpapered in a fine black and white print on a rose-red background. This was in the dining area. The curtains for the dining room and living room were in a white open work fabric and in the den they were heavy fabric in the red. The floor covering was wall to wall carpeting that was a loomed rag rug--not the thick oval kind but the texture of the fine and tightly woven kind in subtle blues, reds, whites, all colors really. This makes it sound like a flag and it wasn't that way at all. I had a similar red brick fire place, didn't paint it but should have painted it white. My furnishings were simple and mainly antique wood and wicker. My advice to you is to be sure the fireplace has been cleaned inside because it appears not to be drawing properly and that is smoking the exterior. Then clean the smoke from it and decide about painting the fire place. I would never paint the paneling. I had one room in which these boards were painted and it looked terrible, partly because of the knotty pine's knots. Plus if you paint it, everyone who sees it will expect an explanation of why you painted it and tell you why you should not have done so. Good luck! I think your problem is more the carpeting than the paneling if you want a cottage look.

Can This \"Man Cave\" Become Cottage Chic? Good Questions
6/23/14 02:02 PM

Used boxes from a grocery? Boxes someone else has used in their move? I am so glad that none of these places/people have roaches or bed bugs.

8 Spots To Get Moving Boxes Free-Of-Charge
6/20/14 07:59 AM

Hello again. I was a Realtor and I have done many open houses. The suggestion to attend open houses just to look at them is beyond creepy. Can I come to your cubicle and sit on your desk while you work in order to entertain myself? Many private conversations regarding income and credit history take place at open houses and the presence of extra people make those conversations uncomfortable at best when other people are listening. Making a living selling real estate is difficult and these extra people make it more so.

Get Out & Explore! The Secret to Seeing Gorgeous Homes for Free Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/15/14 03:32 PM

I find this activity creepy and an irresponsible exploitation of the Realtor and the homeowner. I am appalled at this suggestion. The Realtor has put substantial effort into marketing the property. People who are out for entertainment get in the way of serious buyers and make the marketing of the property more difficult. One task the Realtor also has to perform is to watch over the people who are wandering through the house to be sure they don't steal anything. Additional people whose only purpose is voyeurism may cost the Realtor and the owner a sale. This is selfish and irresponsible and I hope most people have more sense than to do this.

Get Out & Explore! The Secret to Seeing Gorgeous Homes for Free Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/15/14 02:05 PM

I wish there was a photo of the kitchen area but the photos do show a lovely, cosy home and I think this was very well done.

Emily's South-Facing Space Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 09:22 AM

Very nicely done, especially like pink kitchen table and chairs. I love that you showed the outdoor space and loved the space itself. It looks like an enjoyable place to live.

Laura's \"Melrose Place\" Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 11:08 AM

I've looked carefully at every entry so far and feel I need to comment. I am probably much, much older than most of the commenters and I am growing increasingly horrified at certain negative comments. Everyone does not live the same life style and should not be held to the commenter's style standards. Why should you put an entrant on the defensive about what kind of bed they have, how much so-called clutter they have, where they put their bed? If someone is kind enough to share their home with the world, then appreciate their sharing for what it is, sharing how they want to live their lives in their homes? Why put them on the defensive and expect them to justify to you why they live the way they do? There seem to be fewer entries this year that are wild, inspiring and outside the main stream. Is this because of all the bashing these entrants have received in previous years?

Kristen's Comforting & Cozy Abode Small Cool Contest
6/7/14 09:01 AM

Wonderful! Would love to see more and see the exterior.

Marie's Tiny Parisian Balcony Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 11:00 AM

Not an interesting post. If I want a wedding site I will go to a wedding site.

15 Cheap DIY Wedding Decorations
6/3/14 08:34 PM

There are ten suggestions on this list. One was labeled "fail" and yes, two are dangerous. I suggest that the writers or the editors consider danger and hazards before presenting helpful suggestions. There are several posters (out 42 comments including one from the writer) who have experienced fires from doing one of these suggestions and I, while not in New York, was cut up by a knife left out by an unarmed man who broke in to a house where I was visiting. He had one arm around my neck and his movements were limited but he was able to find a knife that had been left out on display. We live in a serious, grown up world people and it is not very smart to add our stupid behaviors to the dangers that are already present. Please think before you suggest people do things that could get them seriously injured or killed. Is convenience worth the risk?

Pimp My Small Kitchen: 10 Cheap, Renter-Friendly Improvements
5/31/14 07:02 AM

What's wrong with country?

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Blinds, Shades & Curtains
5/30/14 01:09 PM

I like this place a lot. Very well done but I cringe at the thought of kitty jumping from the window frame to the gas stove. I hope she landed on the counter.

Alison, Liz & Nicole's Shared Space Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 11:34 AM

Thank you so much. Excellent advice. Anything else to add? Costs? Materials?

How Much Did It Cost to Build Your Outdoor Deck?
5/29/14 10:05 AM

I am considering installing a deck, railing and stairs and was interested in the comment about the plastic materials holding the heat. I had not known that and was going that way to avoid splinters and upkeep. It would be great if other people could share their experience and opinions regarding materials and any helpful hints they've discovered. Thanks!

How Much Did It Cost to Build Your Outdoor Deck?
5/29/14 08:45 AM

I love the bright colors and emotion of your space but, even more, I love your description. Wish you could send a link to some of your prose. I would love to read more.

Nana's Things That Make Her Smile Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 03:51 PM

In regard to garbage bags. In my area the scavenger services requires plastic bags, not thin supermarket bags. How strong the bags needs to be is determined by what is being discarded. In my case, one bag is kitty litter and if I filled it, I would not be able lift the bag. It amazes me that so many people post pompous remarks and assume everyone lives exactly like they do. These people are tiresome.

Worthy Splurge: 5 Things That Are Never Worth Skimping On
5/12/14 05:29 PM

Who wrote this and what credentials or research can he or she present to say that non-organic food is just as nutritious as organic? There seems to be an increasing number of opinion pieces on this site that come from a superficial internet research and no understanding of the issues, hazards and dangers of recommended actions. This article is not all bad, but I seriously doubt that it was written by someone with any education in nutrition. Nutritionists are out there. Why not have this written by someone who knows the subject?

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/6/14 06:54 PM

I wish we could see a photo of the wall on the right. It's lovely but I would like to see the whole thing.

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/2/14 02:52 PM

I love this! Would like to see more of the home. Very well done!

Limor's Shabby Chic Style House Call
4/26/14 06:13 PM