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I remember when she first started documenting her big it

Before & After: Jennifer's Tiny But Loft-Like Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/23/14 08:54 PM

Physical I like your suggestion better!

A New Keurig-Like Machine Makes Homemade Tortillas Food News
6/4/14 04:19 PM

baanoobaanoo, that was a classic mistake and made me laugh :-0

Store Natural Nut Butter Upside Down to Keep it from Separating Tiny Tips from the Kitchn
5/28/14 01:43 PM

Also what is the difference between dry and rouge?

Understanding the World of Vermouth: The Sweet Side The 9-Bottle Bar
5/8/14 01:15 PM

I have the ones that are glass mentioned by sweet_cheeks..I store my rice and flour in them and have had a good experience. They are a bit heavy but the ultimate goal is freshness!

Affordable, Non-Plastic Containers for Storing Flour & Sugar? Good Questions
4/15/14 03:40 PM

I've always kept my maple syrup on the counter top in a glass I doing something wrong?

How To Choose Maple Syrup and Get the Most Out Of It Maker Tour
4/10/14 12:07 PM

and where did you get those seat covers?

Before & After: Funky Kitchen Gets a New, Fearless Design
4/8/14 10:16 AM

I keep my cast iron pans inside the oven. Is this wrong?

Why Chef Michelle Marek Stores Her Cast Iron Skillets on the Side of the Cupboard Kitchen Tour
4/4/14 01:15 PM

I look forward to reading the replies as I am having the same dilemma!

My Spring Project: Hang My Pots and Pans On the Wall Spring Projects From The Kitchn
4/1/14 11:38 AM

I was so ready to google this!

Meet Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Le CreusAid Stand Mixer
4/1/14 11:18 AM

what nice advice and needed "pick-me-up"! thanks

Dealing with the At-Home Doldrums
3/28/14 11:33 AM

I cover the racks on both my oven and toaster oven. It still conducts heat evenly and there is minimal mess for unfortunate spills. All I have to do is replace it every so often. I agree that setting the foil directly on the oven top (where the heat is direct) would be a mistake.

Do or Don't? Foil as an Electric Oven Liner
3/17/14 09:53 AM

I <3 this little Pom is a great addition to my household and I can vividly remember my little pitbull puppies that I had before getting into a can of ajax and me coming home to find a million little paw prints all over my wood flooring. Dogs are the best!

Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Totally Worth It
3/7/14 01:28 PM

if you have stored brown sugar keeping a stainless steel spoon in the container will maintain the softness of the sugar..

A Simple Way to Soften Hard Brown Sugar in a Hurry Tips From The Kitchn
2/7/14 08:44 AM

this is such a great tip!

The Easiest, Cheapest Way To Make a Pour Spout For a Mason Jar
1/28/14 02:08 PM

I have FINALLY purchase two of these beauties after drooling over them for so long this past weekend. While they are under $50 I don't find them any more expensive than other rolling carts that I have seen. The only thing about Ikea products is that you have to build them yourself, that said two glasses of wine and some classic music made the chore easy as is. The first one I made into a bar cart and the second I am contemplating placing all the extra cookbooks that don't fit in the bookshelf. Just saw one of the above pics and it made me realize how many uses this little workhorse has <, love, love

How To Use the $50 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House
1/21/14 01:54 PM

time for an upgrade!

Win a Liebherr WS 1200 Wine Refrigerator Holiday Giveaway from The Kitchn
12/20/13 11:50 AM

would love, love, love

Win a Wüsthof & Microplane Knife & Grater Collection Holiday Giveaway from The Kitchn
12/18/13 11:52 AM

The Le Creuset is a dream item for me...

10 Generous Gifts for the Cook Who Deserves Something Special Holiday Gift Guide from The Kitchn
12/10/13 10:21 AM

The Wok and the food mill...I are really nice!

10 Classic Kitchen Tools Every Cook Should Have (But Might Not) Gift Guide from The Kitchn
12/4/13 10:14 AM