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So this popped up in my facebook feed about an hour after I posted a photo of my kitchen asking for help for ideas-our kitchens are practically identical I had to look twice at the photo. Same EXACT cabinets, same setup, same white appliances even! I love what you did. I want to see more of what people did for these exact cabinets!! I need help!

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/22/14 12:27 PM

I am in an apartment with wall-to-wall carpeting...I have no choice on the matter. I am living with it, it's warm and cozy and clean but I generally feel that it's unhealthy. I put my beautiful wool area rugs over it to break up the space.

Fake plants are gross, again, why add more plastic to your surroundings. Real, breathing plants make your homes environment cleaner, they are a natural air filter. Although if you have cats that eat plants...I certainly understand wanting fake ones for the feel of greenery!

Cow hide rugs I could take it or leave it. Depends on the decor. I would never pass up a vintage cowhide rug but would never buy a new one either.

Prints of famous paintings...I find to be tacky. I love real, original (or limited-run) paintings and prints from friends, from local artists, works I painted or photographed myself, etc. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and combined our art collections. He has some great pieces but the commercial prints he had found new wall space in his office. That's ok, the pieces he didn't like of mine were relegated to my own office space.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/10/13 11:14 AM

I feel like the kids are being commanded to sleep. SLEEP. SWEET DREAMS. DO IT NOW.

A Monochromatic Room for Siblings My Room
8/2/12 10:07 AM

I have no yard so I grow my herbs in pots in my windows. Rosemary is the only one I haven't killed. I like to show the other herbs my big rosemary plant and ask them why they can't be more like rosemary?

The 10 Best & Easiest to Grow Herbs
The Gardenist

5/18/11 03:10 PM

This is better:

Less work, WAY less water used. Yeah you gotta spin it for like 2 minutes but it gets them clean and its enclosed and uses pressure to clean not just agitating clothing...
I would wash my gym clothes in it when I just couldn't make the trip to the laundromat.
It is also $40.

The Laundry Pod: A Realistic Small Space Solution?
Home & Housewares 2011

3/9/11 04:31 PM

I love her and I love her pillows.

Patterned Throw Pillows by Erin Flett
Designer Profile

2/19/11 04:44 PM parents DID actually put us kids in another room when other adults came over for a get-together... hmm...

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 02:04 PM

Oh one thing I can never prepare for that does annoy me about even my dear nephews... They are always HUNGRY. Always wanting a snack. Always. Where do they put it?

And the food I prepare for dinner? They ask for cereal. My sister just gives in a feeds them cereal. When will they learn to eat like a normal human? They are spoiled when it comes to food. I told my sister I simply can not stock my kitchen for their weird food requirements, that they either eat what I give them or she has to bring them food.

Oh well.

When Kids Are Coming To Your House
11/10/10 01:03 PM

Also my dog is pretty much near perfect and a hero so this article does not apply to such a well behaved example of canine perfection. So I simply can NOT get offended by it because it just does not apply!


Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 12:59 PM

My dog...I love her I do. She is sweet, affectionate and quiet. She is so very good with kids and even noticibly more gentle with babies, like she knows better than humans how to treat different types of humans!

One time, at my birthday party, she got sick, had an accident on the floor. I was embarassed, I cleaned, it was ok.

Another time, her wagging tail knocked over a glass of wine my boss was holding, it spilled on my boss... My fiance let him borrow a shirt. We carried on, my boss seemed ok and its a good "dig disaster" story.

Those two stories are the worst from my dog in her 7 years of life and parties. I have had friends who brought friends who can not hold their alcohol and threw up ALL OVER my bathroom and did not offer to clean. I have had friends get too touchy-feely, making the situation uncomfortable for several present people. I can accept that people make mistakes (although never forgiving the barf bathroom incident...ever) and parties get rowdy.

On one occasion, I was playing with my friends cat and, like how I play with my dog, got all roughy-up-the-belly and apparently thats not ok with cats? I learned my lesson, it shredded my hand. Was it my fault? Almost entirely!

Only thing I don't allow in my home is smoking. Well behaved kids, dogs, drunks, all welcomed.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 12:56 PM

I am ok with kids (I do prefer adult conversation/activities and kids bore me but I don't dislike kids) and have a few nephews and when they come over I try to have a few toys or whatever out so they don't get bored. My house is a playground for them we have computers and movies and games and books.... But I am not expected to bend over backwards for them, they are not my kids! My nephews, I will because well I love them. My dog also looooves kids and plays well (almost too well, she puts up with abuse I can't tolerate from kids, like tail-pulling).

I have friends with 2 little girls. One little girl is afraid of dogs. We were all at our friends camp for a weekend (big group of adults, kids and dogs) and I overheard the mother explaining to her daughter who just asked why the dogs were around, that the dogs were welcome as much as the humans and they were not hurting anyone. I went up and explained to my friend that if she wanted to introduce her (scared) daughter to a dog, that my dog is very very nice and predictable and loving and she might be the best option to introduce to a dog-scared little girl. So the mom spent the next hour with my dog and her daughter teaching her about dogs and how some dogs can be mean but some can be very nice, and by the end of the day the daughter was playing fetch with my dog. She handed me a drawing she drew of my dog (her new friend) and it is on my fridge right now!

So I guess, like dogs, it depends on the kid. Some are well behaved, so are not. Some misbehaving I can even tolerate, from dogs and kids. It happens. No need to get too wound up.

Kids do not belong in a quiet romantic expensive restaurant or R-rated movie though.

When Kids Are Coming To Your House
11/10/10 11:46 AM

Curling up in a ball of depression is one of my Thanksgiving traditions! Yay!

Thanksgiving Traditions When You Are On Your Own?
11/8/10 04:26 PM

Last night, a few friends over for football (which I don't really watch) turned into 10 hours of wine drinking, ravioli making (from scratch!), cheese eating, record-playing, photo shooting good times.

It was so good. Eventually I had to tell people "Ok I gotta work tomorrow...get out!" :)

Accidental Parties: You Can't Plan This Kind of Fun
11/8/10 12:08 PM

Wow, so much snark in the comments!

Anyway, as someone who is very much against the Wedding Industrial Complex, while planning a wedding, I think the first one is really cute and personal. I plan on sending some vintage postcards (with local landscape photos on them) with a hand written message. I found the postcards at an antique store for super cheap.

Unique Save-the-Dates

11/1/10 02:07 PM

...or maybe the animal lost its life to be eaten and then just so happened to become a trophy? Who knows, you don't know, I guess I skipped that part in the article when he explained where he got it...

Are you vegan? Because you have no excuse to judge this unless you are vegan or have your own farm or something...

Antoine's French Outpost in NYC
House Tour

10/20/10 03:32 PM

I want to vacation there!

Tom & Steve's Mixed-Use Home
House Call

10/12/10 10:47 AM

I dunno...I am hardly a naysayer ever and this is cute and this is how a few of my not-yet-established friends live and it reflects their personality but they also don't care about the decor. For someone to actually care about decor and interior design, their place might be a bit more creative or at least edited well.

I do think this is cute but I don't think it is designed? I see elements I like though, so maybe that is enough. The various bottles, for instance, are nice, and so is that green vanity. Love that color.

Claire’s Studio in the City by the Bay
House Tour

10/12/10 10:44 AM

Seriously, Erin Flett's pillows are wonderful. I have the mr. nutt one and plan to get 4 more!

Best Throw Pillows 2010
10/7/10 01:06 PM

Border Collie! Woo!
Super cute place, clean, mix of modern and rustic, homey. Love.

Shanan & Chris's Rustic Glam Rowhouse
House Tour

9/20/10 12:48 PM

I love that store and really need to go to the west end of Portland more. Also, I have an Erin Flett pillow (her pillows are in picture 1 and 4) although I got direct from her but I love that you are selling stuff from talented local designers! And the prints you have in the store are so wonderful.

Eli Phant: A Gallery of Handcrafted Goods
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8/27/10 03:05 PM