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Absolutely stunning. I wish I'd seen this a month ago when we were putting up new shelving in our kitchen! IKEA shelves did the trick, but this is really special... lovely.

DIY Copper Kitchen Shelves Made with Parts from Home Depot Kitchen Spotlight
7/23/14 12:58 PM

So many great comments! Definitely have learned of some items I want to snag the next time I'm in TJ's. Man, I love that place!

Just tried the cookie butter aaaaaand almost ate the whole jar by myself in one week. Not okay.

Things that always seem to make it into my basket:
Organic bagged avocados/lemons/sweet potatoes
Sparkling water
Organic salted peanut butter
Dog treats! I like the seasonal varieties they offer too (well, my dog does!)
Cheeses! All!
Chocolate sea salt turbinado covered almonds OMG.
Cento canned whole tomatoes with basil
Artisan breads! When I lived in Santa Fe, the bread was baked and delivered daily by the best local bakery (where I happened to work). Now I'm in Seattle and a great local bakery supplies their breads too! I love that they offer fresh daily breads and support great local bakeries in doing so.

Gosh, I have to stop before I just write out my entire grocery list. Love it so much!

Most disliked item... Pomegranate vinegar. BLECH! Tasted like cough syrup.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/14/14 03:18 AM

Not any different than a veggie burger, really, just smaller and rounder. Endlessly adaptable. I love Sprouted Kitchen's recipe: http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/home/2011/12/29/lentil-meatballs-in-lemon-pesto.html

Also, not a big fan of these types of posts. I can't tell if the fine bloggers you've linked to are being poked fun at, which wouldn't be very nice.

What's Up with Meatless Meatballs?
4/23/14 02:08 PM

How are "hipsters with babies strapped on?" offensive to anyone? The hipster part or the baby strapped on part? I'm a new mom and if I went to the farmer's market you bet I'll have him in a sling, the stroller is a pain in crowds. I wouldn't consider myself a hipster, though.

That said, my husband hates the farmer's market and would agree with everything on this list, number 5 especially!

5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 12:15 PM

TJ's lentils are a definite splurge when they are so cheap in bulk and quick to make, but I often find myself grabbing them to add to salads. Also frozen fruit for smoothies and occasional veggies, canned beans, and jarred sauces that seem too complex for me to make on the average weekday (green curry and Soyaki from TJ's especially!). Aaaand the freezer section at TJ's gets me every time!

What's Your Favorite Convenience Food from the Grocery Store?
2/25/14 12:52 PM

One of my favorite brown butter recipes... Heidi's green lentil soup with curried brown butter. One of my most favorite meals ever, actually!

Brown Butter Is Magic: Have You Tried It?
10/7/13 05:45 PM

I made this a couple nights ago and it was so ridiculously delicious and EASY! I veganized it for my vegan husband-- substituted Earth Balance and almond milk. It was perfect. Had some leftovers straight out of the fridge yesterday and I really enjoyed it cold as well. The "sauce" turned to a chocolate pudding consistency and the cobbler part got chewy like a brownie. Yum. We'll be making this often in the future!

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cobbler Recipes from The Kitchn
9/27/13 05:09 PM

I love, love, love this space. We're expecting our first baby in November and I just love looking for nursery inspiration! The gender will be a surprise, so we are thinking about lots of bold fun colors that could be for either a boy or girl... this gives me a lot of ideas. Love all your fun details-- I've been drooling over that Anthro pouf for ages.

Greta's Not Pink-and-Girly Room My Room
7/8/13 12:34 PM

This looks delicious and I love the story behind it!

Recipe: Mango Cobbler with Coconut Whipped Cream Recipes from The Kitchn
5/7/13 08:12 PM

I just made these with some unintentional adjustments. I only had one cup of regular shredded sweetened coconut so I asked my husband to grab some more at the store. He picked up unsweetened extra-fine shredded coconut, so I used three cups of that with one cup of the regular stuff. They came out perfectly! I loved the combination of textures and they turned out very light and not too sweet.

How to Make Easy Coconut Macaroons Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/29/13 08:34 PM

I love Heidi Swanson's Green Lentil Soup with Curried Brown Butter from 101 cookbooks... it has coconut milk, and I always drizzle a little more on top, or finish with a dollop of the "cream" from the top of the can. Yum.

10 Great Meals to Cook with Coconut Milk
3/19/13 07:28 PM

I want it to be 3, but I have a feeling it was 2 or 4.

Fill in the Design ____________: Pick the Best Rug for this Bedroom
3/18/13 03:07 PM

I made a simple Greek yogurt dip last night by just adding some fresh dill, salt and cracked black pepper. We dipped veggies in it and it was delicious! I frequently substitute sour cream with Greek yogurt-- just add a little salt, maybe some hot sauce.

The Rise of Greek Yogurt: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!
3/16/13 01:40 PM

My husband is a glass blower and when we photograph his glass, the best lighting set-ups are lit from below, behind and from the side. The most important lights are the ones below and behind to really make the glass "glow."

I think the illuminated bar shelf is your best bet, with maybe some led lighting behind the back like Silverfire4200 mentioned if you think it needs more light.

Best Illumination for Glass Vase Collection? Good Questions
3/14/13 01:27 PM

Argh, I meant "kind enough" not "kind of enough."

What's Your Sick Day Dish?
3/13/13 05:04 PM

If someone is kind of enough to pick up some veggie Pho for me, I am well on my way to feeling better!

What's Your Sick Day Dish?
3/13/13 05:03 PM

Mmm, my kind of salad! Sliced hardboiled eggs sound perfect with this.

Recipe: Crunchy Spring Salad with Dill Dressing Recipes from The Kitchn
3/13/13 01:11 PM

I ordered a ton of instagram photos from Social Print Studio for a wall display for my kitchen and they're supposed to arrive today. This post couldn't be better timed!

The instagram pics I chose are not of me-- mainly photos of travel, my dog, pretty food shots, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing my photos in prints and it will be fun to have them displayed all in one place.

The 10 Coolest Real-Life Instagram Displays
3/13/13 01:01 PM

Can I live here, please? Absolutely beautiful. Resource for the desk?

Tiffany's Naturally Sunlit Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/13/13 12:49 PM

These are cute ideas. @katepk, maybe form the foil pan into three leaves instead of four? And even if four leaf clovers have nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day from a historical standpoint or whatever, people do associate them with the holiday (same could be said for pretty much everything else associated with it-- or most holidays for that matter). Kids would love this as a special St. Patrick's day treat. Thanks for sharing!

Check It Out! Foil Pans Make St. Patrick's Day Feasts Festive
Diamonds For Dessert

3/12/13 06:34 PM