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My parents purchased their home in 1961. I was 5 years old when we moved in and my little brother was 6 months old. It had remained in our family until two and a half weeks ago. I moved out when I got married 26 years ago but since my new home was in the same town, I returned to my childhood home every day to visit my parents. Dad passed away in 1994. Mom passed away in 2009. I could not bring myself to even start cleaning out their possessions until 2010. Before we started emptying it I took photos of every room. My brother and I took all our personal childhood things (Mom had kept everything) we wanted. And we took what we could of our parents possessions. The rest was either sold or donated. It was such a painful process. I finally put the house up for sale three months ago. I thought it would take forever to find a buyer due to the market conditions. But we had a buyer in less than two weeks. We closed title 2 1/2 weeks ago. Selling the house was heartbreaking for me. Although I moved out so long ago, it was always home. It was my childhood home and contains so many memories. The day we closed title I went to the house for one last time to say my goodbyes. I walked through every single room. Each one was filled with countless memories. I cried like a baby. I could not bear leaving because I knew that once I walked out the door and turned the key I would never be returning. I would have loved to keep the house but it was much too large for my husband and I. I still keep thinking I have to go there every day to check on it. Whenever I think it is no longer ours, which is often, the tears begin to flow.

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