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I just received my college diploma today. (i graduated a few weeks ago, but they had to get them printed and they took awhile to come in.)

I'm a person who when depressed can't think that i'm good at anything. I'm planning on putting up a copy of my high school diploma, my recent diploma, the certificate i received for emergency dispatch, and all the other certificates I might decide to earn. no one else enters my home but me on a frequent basis, so this is all for me. I've also put a "confidence book" in my photography kit (which is what i received my degree in) and I don't care who else sees it.

I don't think I'm bragging to anyone but ME. I don't do it to impress anyone other than myself, and to show ME what I can do and accomplish.

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6/7/14 05:31 PM

I was using vinegar to clean my apartment, and my landlord has started claiming it is the smell of my cat's litter box. (which is cleaned daily and the litter is replaced weekly.) There is no convincing her that the smell is anything else or could be anything else. (Anytime I cook anything, there are complaints of smells in the hallway, which I am then told are cat urine smells. These buildings are older so there is no hallway ventilation.)
I am not a bad cook, as other people will walk in and ask if they can have what i'm cooking. I'm kinda at my wits end here.

How Do I Get Rid of Cooking Smells in My Small Kitchen? Good Questions
2/22/14 12:37 AM

for some reason, i'm not a fan. I think it's that it's too stark white and hurts my eyes. I also just don't understand the big black box in the middle of the room.

Before & After: Former Firehouse Gets a Massive Facelift
2/17/14 11:34 AM

If i won something like that it would be my first piece of brand new furniture. And it's a complementary color to the orange that I have all over my apartment!

Enter for a Chance to Win: A Knoll
Womb Chair from AllModern.com
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12/16/13 01:39 PM

I like the added monster to the landscape, but i would prefer it on something totally unexpected, like hiding it in a busier picture. It would totally fit with my personality though.

5 Ways to Update Thrift Store Art
4/10/13 07:02 PM

Why wouldn't you want to use it as a shelf to display a small collection? Use glass shelves and display a collection of brightly colored glass dishes, bottles, and jars. Use lights above and below to bounce the light all over the room. take off the door. doors can be boring.
Or make it a long and tall shadow box. It's already got a frame around it!

Ideas for Unusually Shaped Kitchen Cupboard? Good Questions
11/10/12 05:15 PM

I'm the downstairs neighbor. If my upstairs neighbor was as considerate as the OP is, i'd be happy. My upstairs neighbor will blast her television at levels that i can tell which episode of Doctor Who she's watching from my bedroom, i can hear her on facebook chat all night, and if i have one more night of her watching that "gangnam style" video and cackling, i'm going to do something i'm sure i'll regret. Going to politely ask her to turn it down at 10:30 at night is always met with her screaming at me in the hallway and disrupting the other neighbors. (it's pretty bad that the first thing she does when someone knocks on her door is turns down the volume of her television/computer, without even waiting for them to ask. but it's still loud enough you can hear it in the downstairs hallway.)
Our building isn't well insulated. I know this. And i figure if i can hear her lifestyle from my apartment, i try to be quieter so she has nothing to complain about.
She's the only person in the building that I've had to ask to keep things down. And as i talk to the other neighbors regularly, we all have an agreement that we'll polietly ask if they can keep things down before we file a complaint. But no one can talk to this girl above me. She's rude to all of us. I can't wait for the day i can afford to move into either an upper or my own home.(which will have to wait until after college.)

What To Do When You Are the Noisy Upstairs Neighbor? Good Questions
11/10/12 05:05 PM

My family typically goes overboard for christmas. I hate it.

I think, for myself anyway, the fun is in unwrapping the gifts. If someone were to take my presents back into the other room and re-wrap them i could keep going all day with the same gifts over and over again...

But anyway, when Christmas comes around, since i have only my parents and adult siblings to shop for, i get everyone one gift a year. Something i know they will enjoy. I could care less if they got me something. I figure if i give one gift a year to everyone, no one ever has too much, i save money, and it's a win-win.

When it comes to friends' gifts it's often encouraged to either make a gift, or buy a special christmas ornament for their family to hang on their tree.

As far as gifts i recieve, I told people this year, either make me something, or give me a copy of their favorite picture of either the two of us together or their family. If they insist on spending money on me, i told them that since i'm going back to school, they can help me pay for stuff i need for school. I don't need much. (but i admit to hoping it's my year for the homemade quilt from my mother.)

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11/10/12 04:33 PM