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Kim – maybe these are the true prices depicted by your sources, but there's no way for you to decipher if they are truly accurate or if they are being skewed by places on the edge of town. It seems by the comments that the prices are way off, which makes this a completely useless post. No offense, but I think this post should have been written by someone currently living in Austin.

AT, do your readers justice and use writers who live in the area they are reporting on.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in Austin? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/19/13 09:35 PM

I love this idea.

DIY to Try: Travel Photo Diorama Apartment Therapy Tutorial
7/28/13 02:45 PM

I've made a few design mistakes. I actually just made a $2500 mistake in the last few weeks, however, it's a modular piece and I think I can sell part of it to pay for a piece that will fix the look.

I think even the professionals make design mistakes, but they just don't dwell on it. They sell them off and buy something else for the space. No one's perfect. Know that nothing you buy for your home has to be forever and it's okay to make a mistake. Everyone does.

How Do You Deal with Design Mistakes?
7/24/13 01:40 AM

A ziploc of barbecue from Texas to Georgia.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/23/13 02:38 AM

I saw several designers on this list who I loved and others not so much. Thanks for providing a range! I also appreciate the introduction of several niche makers who might not be so well known outside of the UK.

We Invite You:
The 10 Most Interesting & Important Young British Designers Right Now London Design Evening, September 18, 2013

7/23/13 02:28 AM

Buy some No-Jet-Lag!

I just saw this at REI. It's completely natural, you just take a pill when your plane takes off and another when it lands. And according to the Amazon reviews, it works!

5 No-Fail Tips for Surviving Jetlag
7/19/13 01:58 AM

I have one of those doors. I dislike it for the same reason.

This isn't attractive, but I have taken blue painter's tape and taped a piece of thin white material over the window. The material can't be seen through so I still get light in. And of course, the blue painter's tape doesn't leave a mark.

Ideas For Covering Window in Door? Good Questions
7/8/13 02:42 PM

I got a Grissini bench on Ebay for $400. Somebody else's trash, my treasure.

By the way, in case anyone is curious, the bench is not only stylish but it's also very comfortable, especially for a bench.

Shop the Room: Jacey & Grant's Cali Cool Bedroom
6/18/13 11:56 PM

Unless you're old, I say your priority should be getting something that YOU will be happy living with for decades – not what someone else will want. You're buying it to live with it right? Then make yourself happy.

I'm guessing the point is that if you get something that will make you happy for decades, then someone else will likely want to inherit it years later also? The idea is not to buy trendy (and obviously don't buy cheap.) Think about your solid pieces of furniture as the little black dresses/staples of the room. You can get crazy with your accessories, but the trendier you lean with a piece, the less likely someone will want it decades later. That's why modern and MCM are so popular years after initially being introduced. The pieces have lots of clean lines that go with all kinds of other styles but they don't have any extreme details (think bell bottoms of the 70s) that stick out and define the entire look.

How To Choose Furniture Now that Someone Will Want to Inherit Later
6/13/13 01:53 AM

What a heart warming story. Thanks for sharing. I felt like I was right there when you wrote how she said, "I looooooooooove your house." Really nice and definitely something to be proud of.

The MIL Seal of Approval (Phew!)
2/12/13 11:46 PM

Another shout out to the horse head!

Make sure to check out the 655+ images, too!

Five of the Funniest Amazon Product Reviews
2/4/13 11:42 PM

Previously, I have laid artwork out in Illustrator (to proportion) then, when I liked layout, I cut out/pasted newspaper to size and put them up on the wall. Easy, however, this was with all black and white photography that matched. It wasn't anything with different styles or different colors, etc.

Art Tip: Hang a Gallery Art Wall on The Floor First
1/22/13 11:41 PM

Okay, you can complain about the cowhide rug, as long as you don't badger me for my rug made of kitten hide. I like to lay on it and watch nature shows.

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 06:12 PM

I am really enjoying these cowhide comments.

Because we all know that the meat inside the cow was just tossed. Only the hide was saved. For this very apartment. Only.

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 06:10 PM

Any chance Apartment Therapy is going to post these talks on iTunes? Then I could listen to them on the go instead of only being able to listen while sitting in front of my computer.

Future of Design & The Web
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

10/22/12 10:43 PM

Red walls

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 05:42 PM

This seems obvious, but I feel the need to say it anyway. People are aware that cows aren't killed to get a cow hide rug, right? (The chicken before the egg theory.)

Now as for my kitten teeth necklace, well...

Jared's Graphic-Organic "Male Model" House Tour
6/20/12 10:15 AM

Anybody know how much it cost to rent this place out?

One Week in Tuscany
La Casa di Cacchiano, Monti in Chianti

5/29/12 10:53 PM

I really dislike how this game goes back to the beginning for wrong answers.

The Biggest Names in European Design
Top 10 European Designers Quiz

5/1/12 02:32 PM

The bed is not my taste, but #4 is an amazing combination. Everything works together so well. And it's so Mad Men. I would be proud to say I had decorated that space.

Big Art in the Bedroom
3/24/12 12:15 AM