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I second the ice tray. Much more economical/ecological than buying smaller packaging.

Also, adding 1/8tsp of salt per one liter of milk extends the life for at least another week. I don't detect the salty taste.

I'm Tired of Wasting Milk! What's the Best Way to Have Milk for My Coffee? Good Questions
11/20/13 10:19 AM

This is really just a normal kitchen...... But maybe I just think that because I'm also from MP?

Emily's Ready-To-Cook Kitchen Kitchen Tour
10/1/13 11:40 AM

cold brew coffee is less acidic. but I'd also seek another milk alternative that doesn't react this way.

How Can I Prevent Soy Milk from Curdling in My Coffee? Good Questions
9/13/13 09:30 AM

while weck jars look awesome they are incredibly impractical. the rubber ring and clips quickly become a huge pain in the ass.

Look! Spices Stored in Weck Jars Kitchen Inspiration
9/13/13 09:14 AM

What can I do if I don't have an oven?

I'm sort of a kitchen noob when it comes to stuff like this. I just got my first cast iron skillet, a Le Creuset, which I think came pre-seasoned. Then being naive I tried cleaning it with vinegar, soap, all that stuff, to get rid of REALLY stubborn crusty bits. Now everything sticks to it and starts burning so I can't really use it anymore.

How To Season a Cast Iron Skillet
Home Hacks

5/31/13 08:19 AM

I HIGHLY recommend The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

The recipes are quite easy without being the classic "easy" dishes like pasta. Also tells you what equipment you need to get started and how to stock your pantry (and even includes 40 recipes you can make with just the basic pantry ingredients). I also just recently moved into my first apartment and this book is my kitchen Bible. It really teaches you how to become a cook, rather than just showing you simple recipes.

I Want to Start Cooking. Where Do I Start? Good Questions
5/16/13 09:56 AM

I just made this recipe, and while I like the combination of vegetables, the dressing is very reminiscent of Honey Boo Boo's "sgetti" and is too rich for the radish and watercress. I'll admit that the dish looks pretty, but it's an unsuccessful attempt at Western-Asian fusion. Maybe with a totally different dressing it might work.

Recipe: Springtime Soba with Miso SauceRecipes from The Kitchn
5/5/13 02:43 PM

Hibachi grill!

I don't know if someone suggested that already

What Can I Cook Without a Stove or Oven? Good Questions
4/28/13 05:56 AM

I always thought that enamelled dutch ovens or pots weren't suited for roasting meat, rather for things like casseroles or stews that have a higher liquid content. Maybe try one of Lodge's non-enamelled pots instead. I know that Le Creuset has a series of matte black enamelled cookware that can also be used for dryer cooking, and might be what you're looking for in a versatile pot.

Also, just double checking, are you sure you wait until your dutch oven cools down completely to room temperature before you wash it with water?

Help! Why Does My Dutch Oven Enamel Keep Cracking? Good Questions
2/6/13 09:53 AM

This looks like they were trying too hard to be eclectic. While I am an advocate of open shelving this does not look functional. And I am sure any good from repurposing old crates was more than canceled out by the seemingly brand new catalogue countertops and drawers.

I however believe that this would work well in another context like a dorm room/student apartment.

Would You Do It? Eclectic, Mismatched Upper Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Inspiration
2/2/13 01:36 PM

I have quite the opposite problem with my boyfriend's mother who CONSTANTLY asks my opinion about EVERY detail, but always after everything is plated. It is so incredibly exhausting and goes far beyond considerate to unpleasant. Does anyone know a polite way of letting her know that this persistence unnecessary?

Should I Tell My Host She's Making a Cooking Mistake? Good Questions
1/14/13 08:14 PM

I like the Before better..

Before & After: An Inviting, Kid-Friendly Living Room Update The Sweeten
12/3/12 05:52 PM

"At Home" by Bill Bryson is such a great book!

Quick History: Candles

11/9/12 06:46 AM